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How’s Your Posture?

Confession: I have struggled with bad posture my entire life, and I believe it is getting worse as I age. My chiropractor reminds me often that not paying attention to my posture will affect many areas of my life. It … Continued

10 Practical Tips for Recruiting Your Team

Are you searching for a new team member? Perhaps you’re looking for a new hire or key volunteer to help you move forward. Let me offer a few helpful tips.

Getting Past I’m Not ________ Enough

Can you fill in the blank? “I’m not ____________ enough.”   This isn’t a time-consuming or difficult question for many Christian leaders. The answers seem to flow with surprising speed and ease. There also seem to be multiple possibilities. Here … Continued

Raising the Bar on Prayer

“We’ve even prayed for the toilet seats!” I’d never heard of anyone praying for toilet seats before. But then, this was going to be a very different and very unforgettable night. I was in West Palm Beach, Florida working as … Continued

A Heavenly Homecoming for a Giant

This title may sound like the start of another very well-deserved tribute to the amazing life and tremendous legacy of Billy Graham, but this article is about another spiritual giant. His name was Evon Hedley. Evon was a contemporary and … Continued

Finding Clarity, Focus & Confidence

Frazzled. Frenetic. Frayed. Fatigued. Fog. Too often these kinds of words describe the head and heart space of Christian leaders. After all, this type of head and heart space easily breeds in hectic ministry and work environments. When there are … Continued

Integrate: Jesus-Centered Leadership™

Integrate is about cultivating more Jesus-centered leaders. Covering three themes, each including an 8-minute video and guided conversation, this resource provides an engaging platform for leadership teams, boards, small groups, Bible studies and peer mentoring groups to have transformational discussions … Continued

10 Little Ideas That Could Pay Big Dividends In 2018

A new year is a great chance for a fresh start. It’s an opportunity to try new things and set new rhythms. The little ideas that follow won’t be found on a list of “Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions” but they are … Continued

Silence the Unhealthy Soundtracks in Your Head

Have you ever had trouble getting a song out of your head? It can easily happen after you’ve heard a few notes from your kids’ favorite Disney movie soundtrack. The same goes for the commercial with the catchy jingle or … Continued

6 Keys to Developing Others (from the Best Book I’ve Found)

When I’m asked to recommend resources on developing others, my first response often surprises people. My go-to book has been around a long time! It’s the Bible’s 1 Thessalonians. Written by the Apostle Paul around AD 52, this short letter … Continued