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Jesus-Centered Leadership

Our focus is Jesus. He led differently, and we believe he’s the leader of leaders. Our conviction is we have lots to learn from Jesus, and he can transform leaders to lead differently. That’s the heart of Jesus-centered leadership.

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Journeying with you to Lead Different.

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As a Jesus-centered leader you will:

Be led more by Jesus

Experiencing freedom, peace and security from a grounded identity and vibrant relationship with Jesus.

Lead more like Jesus

As a servant leader, with deeper character, greater confidence and enhanced competence.

Lead more to Jesus

Equipped and empowered to share God’s love clearly, creatively and compassionately.

For Leaders

Growing Your Leadership

Every Christian leader longs to thrive personally, maximize impact and finish well.

We know leadership is hard. It’s hard to navigate constant change in a chaotic world. It’s hard to find perspective and clarity. It’s lonely. It’s hard to tend your own soul. It’s hard to get real traction for you and your team to really thrive.

Arrow Leadership has come alongside leaders just like you for nearly 30 years. We help Christian leaders and organizations Lead Different. We believe Jesus-centered leadership changes everything. We can help you grow as a leader who is led more by Jesus, leads more like Jesus and leads more to Jesus.

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For Leaders

Growing Your Team

Developing your people, teams and organization is critically important.

Growing your people and maximizing their potential is a key role for a team leader. In fact, your mission and impact depend on it! But, how do you strategically invest in your high-potential leaders? What can you do to help your entire team foster the right heart and skillsets to move your organization forward?

Arrow Leadership has helped team leaders and organizations develop Jesus-centered leaders for nearly 30 years. We believe Jesus-centered leadership changes everything. We can help your people grow as leaders who are led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus.

Discover How

From learning to know myself and inspiring me to lead more like Jesus, Arrow is one of the most foundational and life-giving experiences in my life.
Steevens Audigé
Pastor of Life Groups, The Peoples Church
Steevens Audige
If you are really serious about being not just an effective Christ-centered leader, but being set free to serve God wholeheartedly, then Arrow is for you. God used this program to transform the way I serve, the way I lead, the way I parent, the way I connect with my spouse, the way I connect with Jesus! This is because I am leaving Arrow transformed.
Milissa Ewing
Pastor — Family Ministries, Tenth Church
Milissa Ewing, Pastor - Family Ministries, Tenth Church
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