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10 Tips to Turn Up the Temperature on Prayer

Prayer is often a guilt area for Christian leaders. We want to help you move from guilt to growth and to Lead Different. Here are ten practical ideas to turn the temperature up on prayer, particularly prayer for people who … Continued

Leading more like Jesus

The Power of Principled Leadership

Leadership matters. Great leaders are a strategic leverage point for personal, business and organizational influence and transformation. There are now literally hundreds of interpretations of what constitutes great leadership. Too often the focus is on position, power, or charisma. Images … Continued

The 6 stakeholders in your Christian business

Who Are Your Stakeholders?

Ever since the Dutch invented the modern concept of the corporation in 17th century, it’s been commonly believed that the only stakeholders a business needs to worry about are those who hold financial shares in the company. Makes sense, since … Continued

Tips and Tools For Leaders: CEO

Click Here and Download 150 Encouraging Words   Cheering you on to Lead Different, Dr. Steve Brown President, Arrow Leadership

Five Practices to Help You See People

A few years ago my family and I were visiting a church for the first time. We had almost reached the front door, when a man abruptly pushed past us. It was odd and it wasn’t a friendly welcome for … Continued

commerce as calling

Commerce as calling

I was new in my faith and new to university. I began attending a great church, and after a Sunday service, one of the leaders asked me to coffee. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but he … Continued

4 Strategies to Overcome Discouragement

Relentlessly pounding the pavement, responding to customer demands and trying to stay ahead of the competition can be daunting. Feeling like the only one who really sees the potential of your business is lonely, and shouldering the full weight of … Continued

Conquering your fears in business

Tackling Your Fears

People can smell fear. Whether you’re at a business meeting, pitching to a prospective customer or talking to the bank, fear can be your worst enemy. People love genuinely confident people; they trust them, appreciate and want to be around … Continued

Keeping your business on target

Are You On Target?

Imagine you’re on an airplane and the pilot announces, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, pardon the interruption, but I need to let you know our flight pattern is one degree off today, and we’ll be landing in Chicago instead of New York. … Continued

Sharpening Your Marketing Message

Who’s the hero in your business? Hopefully you said, ‘the customer, of course!’ Now, take a look at your website and your promotional materials. Is the customer the hero there? Most marketing materials shout about all the amazing things the … Continued