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Leading Through Disruptive Times is Demanding.

Are you Ready to Lead Different?  You will be developed to lead confidently, courageously, and effectively – as a Jesus-centered leader. The Arrow Leadership Program™ has been working with hundreds of leaders just like you for 30 years. If you are an international leader, please connect with us and we will help you navigate the best option.

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We’d love to share more about how the Arrow Leadership Program™, Emerging Stream can sharpen you. 

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Can You Relate?

“How do I lead in the midst of chaos?”
Our heartbeat is helping you be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus. The Arrow Leadership Program™ has been coming alongside leaders like you for the past 30 years with time-tested, Jesus-centered teaching and guidance.

“I don’t just want to grow sharper as a leader, I want to grow deeper with Jesus.”
As you journey through the program, your soul will be strengthened and equipped to live and lead more effectively through Jesus-centred transformation.

“I long to find God’s perspective for my life and leadership.”
We help you hear and discern God’s voice and your next steps as you grow in character and capacity for greater Kingdom impact.

“I know I need to invest in my development, but I’m not sure if an academic program is for me right now.”
You can leverage your Arrow training toward a master’s degree or Doctor of Ministry down the road through one of our academic partnerships.

“I don’t have a lot of finances…”
We’re committed to your leadership journey, for you to be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus. We can explore scholarships and payment plans with you.

We can relate. We’re here for you.

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Why the Arrow Leadership Program™ and Why Now?

We are in a season of chaotic change. Our churches and organizations need leadership like never before. We need leaders today who know who they are and why they exist and who have the energy and focus to lead into an unknown future. We know that as a leader, you want to keep growing and stay sharp. We also know you want to emerge from this season stronger and more focused on the mission God has given you. That is why we have created the Arrow Leadership Program™.

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Lead Different.

Ready to Lead Different? Do you feel God prompting you to lead boldly, courageously and effectively—as a Jesus-centered leader? Building on 30 years of experience working with thousands of leaders, we can help you in your personal and leadership development to Lead Different.

Jesus-Centered Leadership™– Jesus is the leader of leaders. He’s also at the center of all we do. There’s simply nobody better to learn from, follow or focus on. Your Arrow experience will stir a fresh awe of Jesus in you and draw you closer to him.

Engaged Learning in Community Over Time – Jesus didn’t develop his disciples in a weekend. That’s why we follow his example in developing leaders in community over time. We leverage three four-day intensives, regular virtual connections and peer-to-peer learning to maximize your transformation.

Mentoring, Training and Coaching – Our team of leadership specialists engage you in spiritual formation, critical leadership skills and God’s heart for evangelism. Our gifted mentors walk with you, provide safe space and actively help you process life and leadership.

Assessments and Individualized Feedback – Since self-awareness is key for long-term health and effectiveness, you will receive professional assessments, feedback and one-to-one coaching to guide you forward.

What’s Included?

The Arrow Leadership Program™ is an 18-month highly personal, intentional and transformational experience which includes:

  • World-class Jesus-centered Leadership™ learning to deepen your character, sharpen your leadership skills and equip you to effectively share the gospel in our rapidly changing world.
  • An incredible “safe but not soft” community of peers who will help you stretch and sharpen your leadership.
  • Support for your home. If you are married, we invite your spouse to participate in the assessment process to strengthen your relationship.
  • Three incredible intensives at first-class venues to help you find fresh perspective.
  • One-to-one mentoring with one of our gifted mentors. Imagine the gift of a seasoned mentor who will listen, pray, encourage, share wisdom and provide accountability every month.
  • Individualized feedback to grow your self-awareness and resiliency.
  • A customized leadership development plan to help you target growth and get real traction.


Arrow Leadership Program™, Emerging Stream Class 68

Launch & Orientation | Nov. 28, 2024 | 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM PT (Virtual)
Learning Connection  | January 30, 2025 | 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM PT (Virtual)
Intensive 1                        | March 3-7, 2025 | Muskoka Woods, ON CAN
Learning Connection   | May 29, 2025 | 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM PT (Virtual)
Intensive 2                        | September 15-19, 2025 | Jordan Ranch, TX USA
Learning Connection   | January 8, 2026 | 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Virtual)
Intensive 3                        | March 23-27, 2026 | Barnabas Landing, BC, CAN

Between intensives, leaders in the program are positioned to meet with a coach and their peer group.

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Profile of Juan Chirinos
A Leader's Journey

Juan Chirinos

"Arrow helped me to become a more Jesus-centered leader. I praise God because my leadership will never be the same! I now serve with more passion to make Jesus famous among the people around me." Juan Chirinos
Divisional Youth Secretary The Salvation Army
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The Arrow Leadership Program™ Emerging Stream transforms you to become the leader you
want to be and the leader you need to be for the future and the health of your organization.


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