Sharpening Leaders

Resources to Lead Different

The Power of Asking Big Questions

  Who’s Asking You Great Questions? Jesus was masterful at asking questions. His questions enlightened, challenged and drilled into people’s deepest places. His subject matter was often surprising and sometimes perplexing, but for those willing to engage, his questions were … Continued

How To Multiply Your Impact

If you knew you had three years left in your role, what would be your top priorities? I love this question. It requires careful reflection, and it forces you to identify big-picture long-term priorities. It gets to the question, “When … Continued

Powerful Questions for Great Mentoring

I’m really excited! Arrow is launching Great Mentoring for Real Life Change. This new book leverages Arrow Leadership’s nearly thirty years of mentoring as well as Doug Ward and Sharon Simmonds’ frontline experience to guide you through a Jesus-centered and practical approach … Continued

How to be a Kingdom Seeker and Not An Empire Builder

“You compete at sea, and people can die.” Those bold words came from the captain of a 110-plus-foot sailing ship a few years ago. The captain, his crew and their sister-ship crew had just completed a leadership challenge our Arrow … Continued

Key Questions To Ask When You Transition

I regularly connect with leaders who are in transition. They are in the midst of a work/role change or a major move. There always seems to be many moving parts, many questions and many unknowns. Most of the time they … Continued

Who’s Shoes Are You Trying To Fill?

“You’ve got some big shoes to fill.” I was hearing these words from multiple people as I stepped into a new role. I think their intentions were well-meaning, but their words were far from helpful.   Thinking about how I … Continued

5 Choices to Lead Different When Leadership is Hard

Leadership is hard… It was even hard for Jesus. He faced incredible resistance. There were endless and needy crowds, traps and temptations. His disciples were slow learners and frequent on-the-job sleepers. He endured loneliness and profound internal anguish. He had … Continued

How To Lead Different in 2019

I long to lead different. What does lead different actually mean? Here’s a start… I long to finish well. I don’t want to be another name on the growing list of Christian leaders who implode and damage many in the … Continued

Intentional Year End Reflection

Back by popular demand and updated! This repost is a specially guided reflection exercise for the end of the year. It’s easy to modify for individuals, families, or teams. Click here to view the worksheet In the midst of all … Continued