Sharpening Leaders Initiative

Sharpening Leaders Initiative™

The Sharpening Leaders Initiative creates a culture of Jesus-centered leadership for a team, organization or larger church.

This program helps organizations transform their cultures, equip their teams and strengthen their leaders. We come to you and your team to guide transformative Jesus-centered learning in your context with a group of 25-50 leaders.

Teams and groups choose this training journey to collectively and collaboratively develop their leadership capacity and capability. With innovative and Jesus-centered tools and training, you will build a culture of being led more by Jesus, leading more like Jesus and leading more to Jesus.

Sharpening Leaders

What will the Sharpening Leaders Initiative do for you?

Whether you are a larger church or a Christian organization, the Sharpening Leaders Initiative will:

  • Equip your group as Jesus-centered leaders who have practical skills to lead oneself, to lead with others and to lead within the organization.
  • Enable your group to deepen high-trust, low-ego relationships with one another that will impact your organization long term.
  • Create a common platform, language and experience to accelerate your ministry together.

Organizational leaders see the Sharpening Leaders Initiative as a unique opportunity to develop 25-50 of their senior leaders, middle managers or younger emerging leaders at one time.

Leadership students holding up frames around their face during a sharpening leaders workshop

What’s included?

The Sharpening Leaders Initiative is a 12-month developmental journey where we come to you and your group. Here’s what’s included:

  • A pre-program survey to assess topics of priority for your group’s learning and development
  • Four two-day summits to explore the themes of:
    • Jesus-centered leadership
    • Personal leadership
    • Team leadership
    • Organizational leadership
  • Three training webinars to conveniently provide practical learning on key topics
  • Monthly emails with practical resources for leaders
  • Peer learning in groups with four to five members
  • Ongoing support and feedback from our team
  • A formal evaluation report of your group’s engagement and learning through their involvement in the Sharpening Leaders Initiative

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Lisbeth Anderson
Partnering with Arrow Leadership has been pure blessing for us. We’ve been impressed by the quality and integrity of the Arrow Team and the impact on the participants of the Sharpening Leaders Initiative. We have seen our leaders grow in passion for Jesus and mission focus, while at the same time developing their own spirituality and leadership competencies. Col. Lisbeth Anderson
The Salvation Army, Netherlands Territory
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