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To become a Jesus-centered leader who lives and leads well, you need to regularly refresh and refocus your head, heart and hands. Arrow Leadership’s blog, Sharpening Leaders, is written to support you on your journey. Each month we provide spiritually nourishing, biblically challenging and practically helpful posts to help you fulfill your calling and lead different.

Five Keys for Wisdom in Uncertain Times

Wisdom. Do you need some as you live and lead this week? Wisdom is a critical need in uncertain times. It’s a pre-requisite and distinctive of leading different. Wisdom is also something we can seek and find. Here are five keys … Continued

Five Keys to Wisdom in Uncertain Times

Wisdom. Do you need some as you live and lead this week? Wisdom is a critical need in uncertain times. It’s a prerequisite and distinctive of leading differently. Wisdom is also something we can seek and find. The following is five … Continued

Opportunities in the Midst of Crisis

Times of crisis and uncertainty usually bring constraints. In the case of COVID-19, there are a many unprecedented constraints. Public gatherings and movement have been restricted. Staff and volunteers may be limited. The ability to physically meet with people is … Continued

Where Does Your Help Come From?

These days can be very overwhelming. No one expected to be leading in times like these or facing the challenges before us. Yet, here we are. During an early morning run last week, my mind was full, and my heart … Continued

Leading in Chaotic Times

This is a special SharpeningLeaders post in response to COVID-19 Regular, everyday leadership challenges can be really stretching. When we add in the chaos, confusion and complexity of something like COVID-19, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. So how should Jesus-centered … Continued

How to Deal With Temptations

Fishing lures fascinate me. From a human perspective, they look ridiculous. It makes no sense that something so big, flashy, shiny and laced with sharp hooks would be inviting to a fish. But if you are a hungry fish looking … Continued

Putting Feet to Faith in your Business

The right business practices tend to maximize revenue, keep costs low and ensure the impact and profitability of a company. Demonstrating love for your fellow man is a foundational ‘right’ practice for Christian entrepreneurs. So, how can you infuse your … Continued

Company Values on Display: The Case For Chick Fil-A

Chick Fil-A is one of the most successful and recognizable, Christian-owned brands in the world. Founded in 1946 by devout Southern Baptist, S. Truett Cathy, Chick Fil-A went through several iterations before rebranding as Chick Fil-A in 1967 and setting … Continued

Tips and Tools for Leaders: Tips For Training Opportunities

Watch this video! Whether you are a veteran communicator or gearing up to share your first Sunday school lesson, I trust these lessons will have a takeaway or two. To watch, click on the image above. Click Here to Download “Tips For … Continued

A Small Change That Makes a Big Impact

Remember all those new year’s resolutions made just six weeks ago? As we started a new year and decade, many people had high hopes for making significant changes in their life and leadership. However, repeated studies show that over 80% … Continued

hiring more like Jesus

Are You Managing Your Business Relationships as Jesus Would?

Growing your business is challenging and fun. But growth means working with more people, and that requires close attention to whom you invite to work in your company. Whether it’s a new partner, supplier, or employee, new people create complexity … Continued

Values Driven Marketing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know just how much things have changed over the past few years in our business, political and economic worlds regarding people’s relationship with the truth. The current atmosphere of “fake news” and … Continued

Tips and Tools for Leaders: You At Your Best

Watch this short video for a practical tool to help you leverage your impact and make the greatest contribution to God’s mission. To view, click on the image above.  Click Here to Download “Tic-Tac-Toe Tool” Cheering you on to Lead … Continued

Dealing with Uncertainty as a Christian Business Leader

It seems that no matter how you plan the unexpected happens, and the uncertainty of business can certainly cause stress and frustration, when you’re the one that the buck stops with. Market values fluctuate, customer behaviors change, and your wins … Continued

Three Keys to Living Out Your Calling

I love these kind of days. Over the course of twenty-four hours I spent time with three alumni from the Arrow Leadership Program. Each one left me inspired, encouraged and energized. Let me briefly introduce you to each one of … Continued

Things we can learn from Strive Masiyiwa’s life

Last week we discussed the life and faith of Strive Masiyiwa, the billionaire founder of Econet Wireless, Africa’s largest cellular service provider. Strive’s life is a truly impressive testament to the power of faith and love, and, as an outspoken … Continued

A Blueprint to Kickstart Your 2020

A new year and new decade are around the corner! Have you taken any time to reflect on what will help you “run with perseverance the race marked out” for you in 2020? Here are six questions designed to help … Continued

Tips and Tools for Leaders: Meetings Matter

Click Here to Download 8 Tips to Maximize Meetings  Cheering you on to Lead Different, Dr. Steve Brown President, Arrow Leadership

Tips and Tools for Leaders: Delegation

 Click Here to Download Six Tips for Effective Delegation Cheering you on to Lead Different, Dr. Steve Brown President, Arrow Leadership

10 Tips to Turn Up the Temperature on Prayer

Prayer is often a guilt area for Christian leaders. We want to help you move from guilt to growth and to Lead Different. Here are ten practical ideas to turn the temperature up on prayer, particularly prayer for people who … Continued

Leading more like Jesus

The Power of Principled Leadership

Leadership matters. Great leaders are a strategic leverage point for personal, business and organizational influence and transformation. There are now literally hundreds of interpretations of what constitutes great leadership. Too often the focus is on position, power, or charisma. Images … Continued

Tips and Tools For Leaders: CEO

Click Here and Download 150 Encouraging Words   Cheering you on to Lead Different, Dr. Steve Brown President, Arrow Leadership

Five Practices to Help You See People

A few years ago my family and I were visiting a church for the first time. We had almost reached the front door, when a man abruptly pushed past us. It was odd and it wasn’t a friendly welcome for … Continued

4 Strategies to Overcome Discouragement

Relentlessly pounding the pavement, responding to customer demands and trying to stay ahead of the competition can be daunting. Feeling like the only one who really sees the potential of your business is lonely, and shouldering the full weight of … Continued

Keeping your business on target

Are You On Target?

Imagine you’re on an airplane and the pilot announces, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, pardon the interruption, but I need to let you know our flight pattern is one degree off today, and we’ll be landing in Chicago instead of New York. … Continued

Sharpening Your Marketing Message

Who’s the hero in your business? Hopefully you said, ‘the customer, of course!’ Now, take a look at your website and your promotional materials. Is the customer the hero there? Most marketing materials shout about all the amazing things the … Continued

The 19 Marketing Traction Channels

All Marketing Channels Are Not Created Equal!

Do you know where to find your potential customers? Where they hang out physically, what groups do belong to, what restaurants they frequent? And where are they digitally? What online groups, news channels or websites do they frequent? These are … Continued

The light of your life

Finding the WHY in your marketing message

Why does your company exist? In his now-famous TEDTalk, Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do (make or build), they buy why you do it.” Do you know why you do what you do? Why are you running … Continued

Six Steps to Stay Back From the Edge

Have you ever been hiking and come across a sign that read “Stay Back From The Edge”? At first glance, these kinds of signs seem ridiculous. After all, who would get so close to the edge that they’d go over? … Continued

targeted marketing can help tend your flock

Finding the Right Target for Your Marketing

Much has been written and spoken of Jesus’ finely-tuned storytelling and teaching skills, but one of the most overlooked parts of his ministry was how much he embodied the most potent, powerful parts of targeted marketing. It may seem strange … Continued

Jesus Christ, Master Storyteller

The Storytelling Mastery of Jesus

Have you ever experienced bad customer service? Sure, you have. Now, how many times have you told that story? I bet when you share that story, the emotion of the experience comes flooding back. Stories are compelling; people relate to … Continued

crushing your constraints

Crushing Your Constraints

  How often have you heard yourself saying, ‘If I only had more (fill in the blank), then I could (fill in the blank)?’ If I had more funds, then I could do more marketing. If I had more staff, then we could scale faster. If I had more … Continued

The Power of Asking Big Questions

  Who’s Asking You Great Questions? Jesus was masterful at asking questions. His questions enlightened, challenged and drilled into people’s deepest places. His subject matter was often surprising and sometimes perplexing, but for those willing to engage, his questions were … Continued

How To Multiply Your Impact

If you knew you had three years left in your role, what would be your top priorities? I love this question. It requires careful reflection, and it forces you to identify big-picture long-term priorities. It gets to the question, “When … Continued

Building a memorable Christian brand

Building A Memorable Christian Brand

One of the strongest distinctions for a successful business is cultivating a memorable brand. While not always required for success, solid branding helps captivate the hearts and minds of consumers, giving your company a leg up against competition and market … Continued