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headshot of Christian entrepreneur Cher Wang

Christian Values in Business: The Case of Cher Wang

For many, the notion of faith is often associated with charities and nonprofits. But successful entrepreneurs, such as Cher Wang demonstrate that it is possible to be a great entrepreneur while staying true to your Christian faith. In 1997, Wang … Continued

A Small Change That Makes a Big Impact

Remember all those new year’s resolutions made just six weeks ago? As we started a new year and decade, many people had high hopes for making significant changes in their life and leadership. However, repeated studies show that over 80% … Continued

hiring more like Jesus

Are You Managing Your Business Relationships as Jesus Would?

Growing your business is challenging and fun. But growth means working with more people, and that requires close attention to whom you invite to work in your company. Whether it’s a new partner, supplier, or employee, new people create complexity … Continued

Values Driven Marketing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know just how much things have changed over the past few years in our business, political and economic worlds regarding people’s relationship with the truth. The current atmosphere of “fake news” and … Continued

Tips and Tools for Leaders: You At Your Best

Watch this short video for a practical tool to help you leverage your impact and make the greatest contribution to God’s mission. To view, click on the image above.  Click Here to Download “Tic-Tac-Toe Tool” Cheering you on to Lead … Continued

God-centered value chain

Designing a Jesus-Centered Value Chain

A business’ value chain is that set of activities that a company performs in order to ensure the delivery of high value goods and services to market. A hallmark of a Jesus-centered business is that at every turn, care is given … Continued

Dealing with Uncertainty as a Christian Business Leader

It seems that no matter how you plan the unexpected happens, and the uncertainty of business can certainly cause stress and frustration, when you’re the one that the buck stops with. Market values fluctuate, customer behaviors change, and your wins … Continued

Three Keys to Living Out Your Calling

I love these kind of days. Over the course of twenty-four hours I spent time with three alumni from the Arrow Leadership Program. Each one left me inspired, encouraged and energized. Let me briefly introduce you to each one of … Continued

Things we can learn from Strive Masiyiwa’s life

Last week we discussed the life and faith of Strive Masiyiwa, the billionaire founder of Econet Wireless, Africa’s largest cellular service provider. Strive’s life is a truly impressive testament to the power of faith and love, and, as an outspoken … Continued

A Blueprint to Kickstart Your 2020

A new year and new decade are around the corner! Have you taken any time to reflect on what will help you “run with perseverance the race marked out” for you in 2020? Here are six questions designed to help … Continued