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14 Ways to Overcome Feeling Weary

( Part 2 of 3 Obstacles That Hold Leaders Back – and How to Overcome. Read Part 1 by clicking here) Winter is often a tough time for many pastors and Christian leaders. Beyond the very real everyday challenges, the … Continued

3 Reminders When Things Are Hard

A few years ago, I tracked down a pastor who had participated in the very first class of the Arrow Leadership Program™ back in the mid 90s. I wanted to hear more about his Arrow journey. This pastor shared that … Continued

The Best News

I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas music. I get uptight when I hear Christmas music in October. And I cringe when some songs are played over and over and over. However, I love many of the old carols. “O … Continued

2021 Reflection Tool

It’s hard to describe 2021. Though we hoped for and maybe even expected easier paths for 2021, it has been a year of more chaos, change, complexity and challenge for many leaders. Whether you are running on fumes or have … Continued

Rethinking Strength-Based Leadership

Gallup’s research, StrengthsFinder and countless studies have validated the importance of strength-based leadership. It makes intuitive sense that a leader should focus on maximizing on her strengths while managing her weaknesses. This approach should lead to a leader’s greatest return … Continued

3 Cautions About Assessments

Please don’t get me wrong. I am a believer in the value of self-awareness. I agree that assessment tools and 360-degree feedback can be wonderfully helpful in growing greater self-awareness. This is why we use assessments extensively with the Arrow … Continued

Finding Refreshing Simplicity at the Well

Christian leadership isn’t an end in itself. Instead, it’s a means to the end of pointing more and leading more to Jesus. In the midst of tackling complex issues, navigating conflicts and persevering through COVID fatigue, it’s easy for leaders … Continued

7 Tips for Starting a New Role

Are you starting a new role? Do you know somebody who is? How you start is important. You only get to do it once. So here are seven practical tips to make your start a good one. 1. Finish Well … Continued

Don’t Underestimate Prayer

Writing about prayer can often be a quick and easy way to stir guilt. Personally, I want to pray more. But while I am making small strides in the right direction, there still seems to be a big gap between … Continued