2011 - 2012: Dr. Steve Brown appointed  President of Arrow Canada

After serving seven years as Director of Program and later Vice-President – Program, Dr. Steve Brown was appointed President of Arrow Leadership in 2011.  A graduate of the program when he served in pastoral ministry, Dr. Brown brings a strong love for the local church as well as an inspiring vision for the ministry. More about Steve.

1998: Dr. Carson Pue Becomes President of Arrow Leadership

In 1998, the leadership of Arrow passed to Dr. Carson Pue, a graduate of the class of 1995. Dr. Pue, author of best-selling Mentoring Leaders, also gave early leadership to the Arrow Alliance with the goal of expanding the ministry of Arrow internationally. In 2012, after completing the planned leadership transition, Dr. Carson Pue returned to full-time church-based ministry as Executive Director of downtown Vancouver’s First Baptist Church. He continues to be an active supporter of the ministry.

1991: Arrow Leadership Founded

Arrow was founded in 1991 on the belief that there are emerging Christian leaders in the world today with the vision and strength to take on the reigns of leadership for the 21st Century.

After 31 years in ministry, a personal tragedy helped give Leighton Ford new direction: his son Sandy, a strong emerging Christian leader planning to enter full-time ministry, died suddenly at the age of 21. Out of this loss Leighton gained a deep desire to help those emerging as new communicators of the gospel. With the encouragement of the Numbers 11:17 Prayer Team and his own “Point Group,” The Arrow Leadership Program was established to accomplish this goal.