Great Mentoring for Real Life Change


Mentoring is a proven pathway to deep transformation. What difference could an entire team of trained mentors make in your church or context?

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Great Mentoring for Real Life Change leverages Arrow Leadership’s nearly thirty years of mentoring as well as Doug Ward and Sharon Simmonds’ frontline experience to guide you through a Jesus-centered, practical and step-by-step approach to mentoring.

Whether you are considering becoming a mentor for the first time or you are seeking to equip a team of mentors in your context, Great Mentoring for Real Life Change will:

  • Inspire you to play a key role in real life change for others
  • Help you overcome the three main barriers to becoming a mentor
  • Practically guide you through a Jesus-centered mentoring approach
  • Give you confidence by equipping you in practical mentoring skills
  • Encourage you to multiply mentoring by empowering more mentors

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