Ministry Report 2021

Celebrating 30 Years!

For 30 years, Arrow Leadership has faithfully developed Jesus-centered leaders to be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus.

Our 2021 Ministry Report provides an inspiring window into God’s amazing work in the lives of Jesus-centered leaders.

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“My heart is full of joy.”

"No formal ministry has better prepared me to serve the Church than the Arrow Leadership Program. It has inspired me to be a ‘Kingdom Seeker rather than an Empire Builder.’ My closest, lifelong friendships. emerged out of my Arrow experience." Ken Shigematsu
Pastor of Tenth Church

Arrow’s impact has grown significantly.

We have adapted and innovated.

"Through Arrow, the Lord gave me great instruction on topics that are extremely important to any leader, and as a result I feel better equipped to face ‘leading off the map’ in the future." Barbara Chambers
Director of Communications, Abundance Canada

Five strategic priorities for the future.

Five strategic priorities for the future.

Arrow Entrepreneur.

Our vision is to see Jesus-centered leaders equipped to influence every sphere of society. For years, Christian business leaders have come to Arrow seeking to be sharpened and equipped as marketplace leaders. After significant prayer and preparation, Arrow Leadership launched Arrow Entrepreneur™ last year to fill this need and develop leaders in a new sphere for Kingdom impact.

“Arrow Entrepreneur has been a safe place to process challenges we face in our business, hear from like-minded entrepreneurs and apply both spiritual and practical lessons in our personal and business lives. Digging deeper into the coaching model of business management and understanding the talents, training and gifts of everyone on our team, have been a direct result of our training at Arrow. We are grateful for the care Arrow leaders and mentors have provided especially during these uncertain and unprecedented times! We always have lots to process and talk about after our Arrow Mastermind and intensive events!”


Grateful to finish with a surplus.

"The Arrow experience was foundational for me. Most shaping and lasting was the emphasis on a leader’s character. I’m grateful to Leighton Ford and others for this focus, which has been important for sustaining me through 30 years of ministry with its many seasons, some joyful and some very difficult." David Dwight
Senior Pastor, Hope Church