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Victory Rests With…

I recently came across one of my old journals.  Here is an excerpt from the last entry: “After Tuesday night’s deflating, confusing and frustrating meeting, I returned home very weary and emotionally fragile. Before heading to bed I looked in … Continued

The Idol of Accomplishment

Guest Post – Randy Isola serves as the KidsWorld Pastor at Christ Community Church in Illinois. Randy is also a graduate of the Arrow Leadership Program – Emerging Stream. Early on in my Arrow journey, I realized that an undeniable … Continued

An Indispensable Oil for Leaders…

Guest Post – Rev. Phil Styles serves as Lead Pastor at United Baptist Church in Minto, NB. He’s also a graduate of the Arrow Leadership Program. In the fifteen plus years I’ve known Phil, I’ve always been encouraged and challenged … Continued

Fighting Fear

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes. Heights, public speaking, snakes, spiders, the dark, flying and dying are all common fears.   We can all relate to the feeling, power and impact of fear. It’s a very common theme in the … Continued

Stewarding Physical Health

  The statistics on physical health are staggering.  Here are just a few: More than 35% of American adults are obese, another third are overweight and the numbers are climbing (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) 31% of Canadian children … Continued

Special Request

Dear Sharpening Leaders Subscribers: I’d like to invite your recommendations! As we launch two new classes of the Arrow Leadership Program in 2013, I am inviting you to recommend Christian leaders in your sphere of influence. Maybe you would be interested … Continued

Overcoming The Encouragement Deficit

There is an encouragement deficit in most workplaces. In their book, 12 The Elements of Great Managing, Gallup’s Wagner and Harter note: “In the perception of employees generally, praise is painfully absent from most companies and the workgroups within them.  … Continued

Five Key Frames for Complex Situations

Leadership is complex. You know that – you live in the complexity everyday. It’s often hard to know how to even approach some of these situations and opportunities. Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal argue in their bestselling classic Reframing Organizations: … Continued

We Stand Alone Together

A three-mile run up and then back down a long hill called “Currahee” was a regular training drill for Easy Company, the first paratroopers in the US Army.  The name “Currahee” means, “We stand alone together” and this hill became … Continued

Empowering Others Through Delegation

  This quote is sobering: “Trying to build leaders by regularly exposing them to your brilliance guarantees a lack of development. You will not have allowed anyone around you to show up with solutions outside the reach of your own personal … Continued