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Two Key Words for Leaders

Think back to when you were growing up. When a birthday or Christmas gift arrived from a family member or friend, did your mom or dad make you write a thank you letter? As a child, I loved receiving the … Continued

An Olympic Mindset

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics have provided many memorable moments. For me, just thinking about the training of these athletes brings a level of sheer amazement. These athletes have trained for hours each day for many years or decades. With … Continued

Transforming Vision

What do you think of when you hear the word “vision”? Maybe you think about your eyesight? A mystical message from God? As a Christian leader you likely quickly begin to think about the future. Questions come to mind like: … Continued

60 Minutes of Year End Reflection

Time sure flies!  It was one year ago that I shared a simple year-end reflection exercise through To The Point. Many people provided positive feedback on the exercise and a good number facilitated the exercise for their teams or families. … Continued

Avoiding the Blindside

“I totally didn’t see it coming.” These words are all too common. They come from pastors and Christian leaders who are shocked and surprised to learn that their services are no longer required or desired. They feel like they’ve been … Continued

Coffee Mug

Mentoring Question – October

This month’s question to assist mentors… Ask: Who would you choose to bring to your “Gethsemane”?

Connecting the Dots – From Sunday to Monday

Every Christ-follower plays an important role in the mission of God. However, many Christians struggle to connect the dots between God’s mission and their Monday to Saturday everyday lives.  Some common perceptions include:

A Dashboard for Life

  Your car’s dashboard is a tremendously helpful tool!  A brief glance at the gauges can give you a fairly clear overview of the engine’s operation and vehicle’s health. Whatever your mechanical aptitude, the dashboard provides a more objective level … Continued

Who Was Right – The Tortoise or The Hare?

Editors Note – In keeping with the theme of this post, we will be changing our posting rhythm for the summer months.  We will post just once in July and August as we work on some other writing projects and … Continued

Check Your Gauges

Guest Post – Chris Wignall is the Executive Director of the Catalyst Foundation as well as a graduate of the Arrow Leadership Program’s Executive Stream.  When I first heard Chris teach this tool, I was very impressed by it’s simplicity … Continued