The Best News

I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas music. I get uptight when I hear Christmas music in October. And I cringe when some songs are played over and over and over.

However, I love many of the old carols. “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” is one of my favorites. This carol is about a people in the midst of great difficulty, deep darkness and even despair. They are calling on God to come. At the end of each verse there is that repeated refrain, “Rejoice, rejoice,” in anticipation that God will come.

In a world where there is still much difficulty, darkness and despair, the news of Emmanuel requires rejoicing. God coming to and being with His people isn’t just good news, it’s the best news.

We are compelled to rejoice that through Jesus, God is with us—not just 2000 years ago, but today and every day until the very end of the age.

Jesus is the game changer for our world and for each of us.

Jesus is the game changer for our world and for each of us. Click To Tweet

As John Stott wrote, Jesus is “not the Great. He is the Only. There is nobody like him. He has no rival and no successor.”

Only Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

Only Jesus is God in the flesh.

Only Jesus conquered sin and overcame the grave.

Only through Jesus are you rescued and redeemed.

Only through Jesus are you made truly alive and free.

Only in Jesus can you find true contentment and completeness.

Only in Jesus can you find strength for all things and enough courage to face the hardest things.

Only in Jesus can you live with enough strength for today and enough courage for tomorrow. Click To Tweet

Only with Jesus is there real hope for miraculous change in us, in others and in the world.

Only with Jesus can you look to an inheritance that will not perish, spoil or fade.

Only to Jesus will every knee bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord.

After a year where many faced chaos, change, challenge, complexity and conflict, there is still good news. It’s not something that happened. It’s someone. His name is Jesus.

Whether you are running on fumes or enjoying a mountaintop moment, please know that you are not alone. Take a few deep breaths. Keep centered and focused on the best news—the news of Emmanuel, that God is with you. That He’s for you. That He’s in you.

Make much of this best news in the days ahead!

Cheering you on,

Dr. Steve A. Brown
President, Arrow Leadership

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