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Resilience: Embracing Challenges With Faith and Endurance

Life is a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, presenting us with obstacles, setbacks and challenges along the way. No one, no matter how rich, popular, successful or powerful, is exempt from facing difficulties. It’s unrealistic to expect everything … Continued

5 Mid-Year Reflection Questions

We are halfway through 2023! Has the first half of the year flown by? Has it felt like a long haul? In any case, it is good to take some time to pause and reflect. Reflection is a critical practice … Continued

Reflecting on God’s Faithfulness

I’m writing on a plane en route to my last face-to-face board meeting as president of Arrow Leadership. (See the postscript for more about my new chapter with Arrow.) From my vantage point looking out the window at 39,000 feet, … Continued

Being A Non-Anxious Presence

How do you lead anxious people in an anxious culture? Edwin Friedman, in the modern classic, A Failure of Nerve, popularized the importance of being a non-anxious presence. As anxiety in our world continues to grow, we can either amplify … Continued

3 Life-Defining Questions

What’s the best question you ask or have been asked? I love great questions. Great questions are powerful teachers. They inspire deeper reflection. They create important space for listening to God and others. Back in university, as a fairly new … Continued

Be Loved This Easter

As we begin Easter Week, may this post based on an excerpt from Jesus Centered guide your personal journey and inspire you as you point others to Jesus. I’ll never forget the time a painting made me realize how little … Continued

How to Navigate Liminal Spaces

Have you ever found yourself in a liminal space? A change, a loss, or a transition can leave you in-between what was and the not yet. In our recent “Liminal Leadership” episode on The Polished Arrow Podcast, Dr. Michelle Louis … Continued

The Polished Arrow – An Arrow Leadership Podcast

We are excited to share Arrow’s newest resource  “The Polished Arrow” podcast, hosted by Arrow Leadership’s Director of Leader Engagement, Dr. Taylor Williams. In the first episode, “5 Keys to Leading Well”, I share about: Why leadership still matters and … Continued