How To Multiply Your Impact

If you knew you had three years left in your role, what would be your top priorities?

I love this question. It requires careful reflection, and it forces you to identify big-picture long-term priorities. It gets to the question, “When all is said and done, what is really important?”

Interestingly, when we look to Jesus, he had three years on the clock for his earthly ministry. Jesus’ priorities become clear for us by examining how he invested his time. Initially, I assumed that the majority of his time was spent preaching, teaching, healing and doing the everyday tasks of ministry. But, that’s not the case. Jesus chose to Lead Different. By time invested, Jesus’ biggest priority was actually developing his disciples.

Rather than just focusing on doing the work and ministry himself, Jesus poured himself into a few for the sake of the many. He prayed, modeled, loved, taught, provided real-time training experiences, encouraged and served alongside the three, twelve and seventy-two. Jesus’ investment in the twelve formed the foundation for the disciples to continue to multiply the mission beyond the leader.

To Lead Different and see your mission multiply beyond yourself means following Jesus’ example in prioritizing the intentional development of others. Doing this begs the question, “Whom should I be investing in?” This is where the 4P’s come in…

The 4 P’s

  • 1. Pray – Ask God whom you should be investing in, then listen and respond.
  • 2. Proximity – Who are the people around you right now? Who has already been entrusted to your leadership care? How could you more intentionally develop them?
  • 3. Priority Needs – Where do you need help? Who could help meet these needs with some intentional development?
  • 4. Potential – Who has potential that is just waiting for development? Don’t just look at a surface level or for potential clones of yourself. Who is faithful, available and teachable? Remember, sometimes the people who cause you headaches and challenge may have great potential that just needs to be refocused and polished.

The 4 P’s can get you started, as well as the free download 10 Simple  Next Steps to Develop Others

The best way to multiply your impact doesn’t involve doing everything yourself. Leading differently is about intentionally developing others.

So, what’s your next step to more intentionally develop one, three or twelve?

Cheering you on to Lead Different,

Dr. Steve A. Brown
President, Arrow Leadership

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