Author: Arrow Leadership

2023 Year End Reflection Guide

Are you running on fumes, or do you have fresh wind in your sails as you approach the final days of 2023? Whatever your situation, it is important to make space to reflect with God on the year that is … Continued

Resilience: Embracing Challenges With Faith and Endurance

Life is a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, presenting us with obstacles, setbacks and challenges along the way. No one, no matter how rich, popular, successful or powerful, is exempt from facing difficulties. It’s unrealistic to expect everything … Continued

Lead Different, Lead Like Jesus: A Three-Step Guide

Angel Marquez was a passionate, gifted leader, yet she lacked confidence and direction. In fact, she felt like she was “faking” her work because she felt ill-equipped and uncertain in her church leadership position. She was even beginning to question … Continued

A Leader’s “True North” for Health

It was a warm summer evening when eight of us found ourselves sailing off the coast of Vancouver Island in the middle of the night. A group member took on the role of instructor and proceeded to show us how … Continued

Three Tips for Contingency Planning

Good planning isn’t our idea, it’s God’s idea. Read through the Bible and it quickly becomes apparent God has a plan. God’s plan informs and guides salvation, the Church, the future and much more. So whether we face times of … Continued

Three Tips for Crisis Communication With Your Team

What does it look like to communicate well and lead differently with your team in times of crisis? Here are three tips for crisis communication: 1. Accurately Assess and Convey Your Current Reality Because a crisis ushers in uncertainty, change, … Continued

A Special Easter Message

Adapted from a letter to our Arrow community.  The chaos increased by the hour. Uncertainty and fear took hold. Panicked people began to fend for themselves. Those sentences could easily be headlines describing the early days of COVID-19. They could … Continued

Opportunities in the Midst of Crisis

Times of crisis and uncertainty usually bring constraints. In the case of COVID-19, there are a many unprecedented constraints. Public gatherings and movement have been restricted. Staff and volunteers may be limited. The ability to physically meet with people is … Continued

Integrate: Jesus-Centered Leadership™

Integrate is about cultivating more Jesus-centered leaders. Covering three themes, each including an 8-minute video and guided conversation, this resource provides an engaging platform for leadership teams, boards, small groups, Bible studies and peer mentoring groups to have transformational discussions … Continued

Flying in Formation

How’s your team? Teams are critical to accomplish the mission God has called us to: a collection of people with shared passion and vision; a variety of skills, gifts and abilities; energy to propel us forward. There’s nothing better than … Continued