Lead Different, Lead Like Jesus: A Three-Step Guide

Angel Marquez was a passionate, gifted leader, yet she lacked confidence and direction. In fact, she felt like she was “faking” her work because she felt ill-equipped and uncertain in her church leadership position. She was even beginning to question her calling.

Thankfully, there was something Angel did that took her from “broken to beloved to bold.” She centered her life and leadership on Jesus. She began a journey to be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus.

Once Angel discovered how she could model her leadership after Jesus—the perfect leader—Angel regained clarity, peace and direction. 

Daily, we work with Christian leaders (Christian leaders in church, camp, nonprofit, missions and marketplace) who are facing these kinds challenges and discouragements: 

  •  They have little time to make lasting changes, so quick fixes have been the solution—for far too long.
  • They are simply overwhelmed by the amount on their plates or the endless decisions—and the result is paralysis.
  •  They have big questions and concerns—but lack a safe place to ask and process them. 

The good news is that these leaders aren’t alone on their leadership journey.

And YOU aren’t alone on yours either.

Arrow Leadership exists to equip you with Jesus-centered leadership development to maximize your Kingdom impact. Through community, coaching, consulting and content, we have made it our mission to develop you and your team to Lead Different. 


At Arrow Leadership, we look to the ultimate leader—Jesus—as our mentor and example. Our Jesus-centered leadership model equips Christian leaders to Lead Different. Keep reading, and you’ll discover how. 


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3 Steps to Leading Like Jesus 

Step 1: Discover Jesus-Centered Leadership 

When Pastor Ken Shigematsu of Vancouver discovered Jesus-centered leadership, he was inspired to become a Kingdom seeker instead of an empire builder.

Too many leaders today are discouraged, disillusioned and even feel distanced from God.

The way of leading like Jesus is grounded in a vibrant relationship with him and overflows in a desire to share God’s love clearly and compassionately. In other words, rather than depending on your abilities and drive to achieve, you take on the heart of the Father, which will lead you to the assignments he’s prepared for you.

Are your work and service based on your vibrant relationship with Jesus? Or on your human efforts and creativity? There’s a better way! 

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” — Matthew 6:33 


When you discover how to lead like Jesus in your unique context, God’s specific calling will become much clearer in your life. The Jesus-centered leadership model is designed to help you fulfill your call. We help you break down how to be led more by Jesus and how to lead more like Jesus. You’ll start to realign and refocus on the reasons why you started in the first placeyour longing to see lives change and God’s purposes advance. In other words, leading more people to Jesus. This is Jesus-centered leadership .

Your life and how you lead should reflect the timeless wisdom of Jesus. This means developing in character and competency while staying true to God’s calling. We can help you live, serve and lead differently with clarity, confidence and courage.

“But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be your slave, even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” — Matthew 20:25-28 

Next, we’ll help you take some clear steps toward becoming a Jesus-centered leader.


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Step 2: Gain Confidence & Clarity with Jesus-Centered Leadership Development 

When you want to learn what it will take to elevate your organization or ministry to the next level, investing in your development is wise stewardship.

When you want to gain greater clarity on how you can Lead Different and model your leadership after Jesus, Jesus-centered leadership development will provide everything you need to find clarity, community and confidence. Taking after the example of Jesus, you will learn how to: 

  • Lead Different , exemplified by stewarding time and resources and incorporating Kingdom practices into your leadership.
  • Lead Others , which includes giving and receiving feedback, coaching and empowering others and navigating conflict.
  • Lead Self with resiliency, humility and personal accountability. 

In addition, we’ve developed four main pathways at Arrow Leadership that are designed to be highly personal, intentional and transformational in your development, all for greater Kingdom impact. 

1. Emerging Leaders 

The Arrow Leadership Program™, Emerging Stream equips leaders with more clarity around calling, deeper and healthier character and sharper competencies to be more focused on God’s mission in our complex and changing world. At the core is an emphasis on staying true to God’s heart of evangelism. 

For example, through Arrow’s training, Juan Chirinos , a Divisional Youth Secretary for The Salvation Army, experienced transformation as a Jesus-centered leader with a passion for “making Jesus famous” among those he met. 

2. Executive Leaders

A busy leader, Roxanne Koop , Director of Spiritual Formation at Athletes in Action, experienced a newfound sense of peace and freedom when she began to Lead Different . She reports that her heart has been renewed, and her daily life has significantly changed for the better.

Executive leaders like Roxanne oversee organizations and are known for having busy schedules. Many desire to deepen their understanding of Jesus-centered leadership but face a lack of time. If you can relate, know that the Arrow Leadership Program™, Executive Stream is the optimal program for you. 

Choose from an engaging virtual option or in-person experiences where you will join a rich community of leaders who are also on a mission to learn from Jesus’ example. 

3. Team Development

After experiencing the Sharpening Leaders Initiative™, Commissioner Lisbeth Anderson describes her experience as a “pure blessing” for her and her team. Since getting equipped to lead more like Jesus, she now watches her leaders also be led more by Jesus—to new and surprising heights!

The 12-month sharpening journey takes teams on an exploration of the concept of Jesus-centered leadership from an organizational and team perspective. Each participant is equipped to be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus. These are the key markers of teamwork and the defining traits of a Jesus-centered leader. 

4. Alumni

Long after the experience of the Arrow Leadership Program™ has ended, guidance continues. Arrow Alumni and others benefit from leadership development in vital topic areas. Here are three opportunities: 

  1. LEADING EDGE CLUSTERS are highly relational and supportive small group communities to help you stay sharp and keep growing in your life and leadership through regular connections and accountability. Alumni experience practical outcomes for their context while connecting with others who closely understand and relate to their challenges in an economical monthly time and cost format.
  2. POLISH is a free monthly, 30-minute discussion time where you will hear TED-style talks covering vital topics like:
    • Establishing sustainable rhythms
    •  Building healthy relationships
    •  Gaining focus
    •  Getting unstuck
    •  Making a greater impact
    •  Stewarding time and resources
  3. PAUSE is a free 30-minute reset to simply pause and slow down to focus on Jesus. Through PAUSE, alumni can join the Arrow team to be led through a “pausing” reflection and offer a time of prayer. Get more info on the Arrow Alumni page. 


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Step 3: Keep Growing to Maximize Your Kingdom Impact 

After more than 30 years of working with Christian leaders in church, camp, nonprofit, missions and marketplace, we have developed a toolbox of resources to help you and your team Lead Different . For example, some leaders simply need a tune-up, and others need widespread organizational consulting. We can help you determine the best next step for your current situation. After all, we are here to help you and your team make a greater Kingdom impact!

Below is a snapshot of the Christian leadership development options for Jesus-centered leaders in search of sharpening and guidance. Which ones could empower you and your team to lead differently in your current circumstances? 

Leadership Tune-Up

This personalized coaching is an intensive, one-on-one meet-up that provides the clarity you’ve been seeking. Just ask Karmyn Bokma, lead pastor. After her Leadership Tune-Up , she was equipped with developmental and strategic action plans for her team’s advancement. 

Personalized Coaching

Matt Ro managed to avoid burnout with our Personalized Coaching services. With this uniquely tailored, one-on-one coaching, he was reminded of his identity as a child of God and sharpened to serve with total devotion. After all, it’s not just about your career; it’s also about your heart.

We can help you gain clarity, cultivate key skills and target specific areas of life and leadership for growth. Our coaches add a wise, spiritually anchored experience and supportive voice to go deep with you and help you move forward. 

Organizational Consulting

Why not have Arrow take an objective look at your organization’s culture and areas for growth? The safe (but not soft) approach towards Organizational Consulting will help groups and leaders thrive in building a Jesus-centered culture.

Our consulting approach is specifically designed to come alongside organizations and leaders to provide practical and effective solutions to help you move forward and maximize what God has called you to do. 

360 Development Review

Do you feel stuck? If so, our Executive 360 Development Review provides confidential, objective and constructive feedback to help you grow into the future. Our support will benefit boards working with a senior leader or a senior leader providing feedback to key team members. 

High Impact Workshops

Through face-to-face or virtual formats, our highly engaging and effective High Impact Workshops target personal, team and organizational leadership issues.

Ready to get sharpened with Arrow? If so, read on! 


Whether you’re facing change, challenges and discouragement, or you’re simply ready to grow your Kingdom impact, we are here to help. Like we’ve done hundreds of times before, we are ready to equip you with everything you need to break through barriers and Lead Different.

Not sure which program or offering fits you today? No problem.

Schedule a connect with us and we can answer your questions or recommend the best resources for your unique journey.

It gives us great joy to see leaders like you regain the motivation and clarity that may have diminished along the way. With a personalized leadership development plan, you’ll be equipped to lead in the footsteps of Jesus, the leader of leaders and make an eternal impact in our world. 

Have questions? 

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