Flying in Formation

How’s your team?

Teams are critical to accomplish the mission God has called us to: a collection of people with shared passion and vision; a variety of skills, gifts and abilities; energy to propel us forward. There’s nothing better than a team flying in formation.

Yet, good teams don’t just happen. In the midst of purposeful work and rolling schedules, thinking about how to intentionally develop your teams can get pushed aside and eventually lead to breakdown in relationships, communication and effectiveness.

Don’t despair. We have a great resource to share with you; one that can help you lead your team to new heights. “Flying in Formation” provides almost two hours of training with a PowerPoint presentation and handbook for personal and team development – all this is free for you to access and use with your team.

Flying in Formation came about through a strategic partnership between World Vision Canada and Arrow Leadership. You may know about World Vision’s focus to provide relief, development and advocacy to overcome poverty and injustice. But did you know that this organization, as part of their strategic vision, also resources churches and leaders?

Just recently, World Vision Canada asked Arrow Leadership’s president, Dr. Steve Brown, to provide training and practical tools for team leaders in a half-day Church Leaders’ Forum called “Flying in Formation.”

As we direct you to the Flying in Formation training, we celebrate a longstanding partnership between Arrow Leadership and World Vision, and recognize the beauty of organizations partnering together for God’s kingdom work. Our two organizations have been flying in formation for many years. Michael Messenger, president of World Vision Canada explains:

“World Vision has been partnering with Arrow for nearly 10 years, and 45 of our leaders have graduated from both the Executive and Emerging streams. Arrow is a critical part of the development journey for our leaders, and it offers a unique experience that can’t be duplicated. We’ve benefitted greatly from the Arrow Leadership Program’s deep commitment to not only grow the intellectual capacity of our leaders, but also the spiritual connection that they have with themselves and their work. I’m an Arrow leader myself, and I was greatly formed from my experience – both relationally, emotionally and physically.”

Enjoy this resource from World Vision with training by Arrow Leadership president, Dr. Steve Brown.

Click HERE for the Flying in Formation video & resources

How You Can Use the Flying in Formation Training

  • The training is available as a 2-hour video.
  • The first 14 minutes of the video provides an introduction to the Flying in Formation workshop and instructor Dr. Steve Brown.
  • The training includes 5 segments on the following topics (with the approximate time where you can access each topic within the video):

1) Vision Caster: Establishing the vision and direction of the team (14:50)

2) Recruiter: Inviting the right people onto the team (40:00)

3) Delegator: Assigning the right tasks to the right people (58:00)

4) Encourager: Motivating and building team morale (1:18)

5) Developer: Growing individual and team capacity (1:38)

  • You can also access a PowerPoint presentation and participant handbook to follow along with the video and to participate with discussion questions and personal reflection.

The Arrow Team