Sharpening Your Marketing Message

Jesus is the real superheroWho’s the hero in your business?

Hopefully you said, ‘the customer, of course!’

Now, take a look at your website and your promotional materials. Is the customer the hero there?

Most marketing materials shout about all the amazing things the company does…and how well they do it. The message screams, ‘We’re so great, you’d be crazy not to do business with us.’

That ‘look at us’ message, doesn’t sell! 

In his book Building A Storybrand – Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen, Donald Miller argues for a different paradigm. Miller speaks to how and why your customer needs to be the hero – not you or your business. He challenges you to champion who they are, then help them attain their dreams. Your role is the expert guide who understands their problems, challenges, hopes and fears, and you focus on helping your customer get to where they need to go to succeed. 

How can you make your customer the hero in your marketing messages? 

Cheering you on!

Dr. Steve Brown
President, Arrow Leadership

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