Powerful Questions for Great Mentoring

I’m really excited!

Arrow is launching Great Mentoring for Real Life Change. This new book leverages Arrow Leadership’s nearly thirty years of mentoring as well as Doug Ward and Sharon Simmonds’ frontline experience to guide you through a Jesus-centered and practical approach to mentoring.

Are you wondering where to start in mentoring? Are you already mentoring but aren’t sure if you are on the right track? Or would you love to cultivate a culture of mentoring?

Great Mentoring for Real Life ChangeWhether you are considering becoming a mentor for the first time, looking for guidance to keep you on the right track or seeking to equip a team of mentors for your context, I know this new resource will inspire, equip and encourage you in mentoring.

To give you some practical takeaways and a preview of this new resource, here are some powerful mentoring questions you can use during four key mentoring moments:

First Conversation With Potential Mentee – Ask: What are some key turning points in your life so far? What are the top three challenges you are facing at the moment? How are things with you and God? What are your “big rocks” or priorities for this next season?

Getting Started – Reflect: How does your mentee best learn/hear? How do they best receive affirmation and like to be challenged?

Assessing Mentee Self-Awareness – Ask: What words or phrases describe you at your best? When have you been in a situation that blindsided you? What was happening? What did you miss then that you know now? Who or what do you turn to when you are lonely, afraid, tired or stressed? Where do you feel stuck?

When Your Mentee Responds With Strong Emotions – Ask: What are you feeling right now? Why do you think you are reacting with this emotion? When have you reacted similarly? What do you want to do about it?

There are many more practical tips and tools for mentors in Great Mentoring for Real Life Change! This new resource will:

  • Inspire you to play a key role in real life change for others.
  • Help you overcome the three main barriers to being a mentor.
  • Guide you through a step-by-step Jesus-centered mentoring approach.
  • Equip you with key mentoring skills and practical tools.
  • Encourage you to multiply mentoring by empowering more mentors.

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Cheering you on to Lead Different,


Dr. Steve A. Brown