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Experience our newest resource Who Am I? A Devotional Journey For You To Soar In Your Identity In Christ (Sharon Simmonds) with the following excerpt. Available for purchase here

MY BROTHER LIKES TO TEASE ME ABOUT A TIME WHEN WE WERE CHILDREN. Our father was disciplining my brother for something he had done. I was in the background, observing and clearly calculating that I did not want this to happen to me. In an act of self-preservation, I chimed in, “Was I a good girl, Daddy?” I haven’t lived that down!

My childhood story highlights a little girl’s desire to please her dad. However, at a deeper level, I think it had much more to do with one of my core human needs—to know that I was loved.

God, our Father, knows our need for love. He wired us this way, and he relentlessly pursues us with his love. He doesn’t mock us for wondering or doubting his love. He doesn’t withhold his love because of something we’ve done or not done. Even in times of discipline, he assures us and reassures us and assures us again of his great love for us. In Jeremiah 31:3 he says, “I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love and more love!” (MSG).

This is what we believe, what we sing about and what we teach. Still, I speak with too many Christ-followers who are struggling to believe and claim the truth that “I am loved.” We dwell on ways we are unlovable instead of basking in God’s unconditional, loved-us-first, ever-present love.

  • Reflection Q: In what ways have you found it difficult to believe and receive God’s love for you?

But how refreshing and invigorating to live from my identity of being unconditionally loved by God. Knowing it is well with my soul. Having the ability to show up and be more concerned about others than I am about myself. Not needing to self-protect or manage my image . . .

  • Reflection Q: How would your life or leadership be different if you fully embraced the reality that “I am loved” by God?

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I love you. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate you from my love (see Rom. 8:37–39, MSG)

This is an excerpt from “Loved”, part of a devotional collection from Who Am I? A Devotional Journey For You To Soar In Your Identity In Christ (Sharon Simmonds). Copyright © 2016 Arrow Leadership. Published by Castle Quay Books. Available for purchase from the Arrow Online Store.