Leadership Score Card

Assess your leadership skills and get personalized resources for your journey.

Leadership Scorecard

Section 1 - What Would You Do

You have just been given a long-term project. What is your first question?
How do you collaborate with your team?
When there is a problem at work, how do you try to solve it?
Budget cuts have dictated that a very popular event is canceled. How do you handle this with your team?
A deadline is approaching for you. You are only halfway done and will not be able to maintain your home and family obligations as well. What do you do?

Section 2 - Your Leadership Footing

I know how to find my identity in Christ.
I can identify a clear path of leadership development for myself.
I have established healthy practices (self-care, etc) for myself.
I steward my time well to get the most out of my team and myself.
I feel comfortable giving and receiving critical or constructive feedback.
I have set up accountability for myself as a leader.
I know how to be an ambassador for the gospel in my ministry.
I know exactly what steps to take to get my ministry to the next level.
I have developed community collaborations and partnerships to better my ministry.
I am good at cultivating a culture of trust in my ministry.

Section 3 - Enter Your Info to Get Results