Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting

Overcoming challenges, growing in Jesus-centered impact

When organizations face challenges or transitions, it can be difficult to find the best pathway forward.

This reality is not only inevitable, it is a rich opportunity to unlock more of what God wants for you and your organization. But to achieve this, reaching out for the right help is crucial.

Arrow Leadership provides expert, empathic and Jesus-centered consulting. Our goal is to help individuals, teams and organizations effectively address their needs and enhance their impact.

Organizational Consulting

What challenges, transitions or opportunities might require special support?

We are here to help you address issues like:

  • Transitions in leadership – helping leaders, team members and organizations thrive in times of change
  • Strategic planning using a proven method to assess current reality and develop future strategic goals, bringing clarity, focus and motivation for a better future
  • Changes to organizational structure – clarifying the scope of change needed; creating a sound plan for execution
  • Building a more Jesus-centered culture – revealing opportunities to be led by Jesus, lead like Jesus and lead to Jesus
  • Onboarding design or communication changes – ensuring all innovations serve their highest possible purpose
  • Interpersonal/team challenges – addressing the difficulties that arise in teams while building trusting and caring cultures

Arrow Consulting is specifically designed to come alongside organizations and leaders, targeting identified issues to provide practical and effective solutions to maximize what God has called you to do.

Arrow Leadership’s Approach to Consulting Services

  • Developmental – we develop you to address and overcome the challenges and needs you are facing. This model saves time and keeps costs lower compared to a classic consulting model that keeps you dependant on the consultant.
  • Holistic – emphasizing the development of the whole person and whole organization within the context of a redemptive and redeeming community
  • Transformational – joining with God in his work and his timing in the life of a leader and organization
  • Safe but not soft – fostering an environment of authentic relationships, honest feedback and appropriate care
  • Reasonably priced – we price our consulting services with the client in mind

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