Leadership Tune Up

Leadership Tune-Up for Arrow Leaders

Refocus your vision, refresh your calling and sharpen your impact.

A one-on-one Leadership Tune-Up can get you moving in the right direction with greater focus and clear next steps.

Arrow has developed a proven framework for helping leaders break through barriers and overcome obstacles to reach the next level.

Register today for a one-on-one Leadership Tune-Up.

Who needs a tune up

Who needs a Tune-Up?

Leaders who are:

  • Seeking to break through personal barriers and bottlenecks
  • Searching for Jesus-centered perspective
  • Desiring to create a clear plan for continued growth

What you can expect to take away:

  • Renewed personal focus and greater clarity
  • Practical ideas and insights to overcome obstacles
  • Clear next steps to guide your growth
  • Prayerful support and confidence to move forward as a Jesus-centered leader

You will receive:

  • A self-assessment to evaluate and identify growth areas
  • A 90-minute video call one-on-one with a personal coach
  • A customized plan of action to guide your growth
  • A copy of Dr. Steve Brown’s book Leading Me – Eight Key Practices for a Christian Leader’s Most Important Assignment
Karmyn Bokma
My Leadership Tune-Up was so helpful at this season of my leadership. I was amazed at what we could accomplish in 90 minutes and in true Arrow fashion felt so personally cared for and invested in. I left the meeting with an action plan of developmental and strategic steps to take, clarity on what areas of my leadership to give focus to and resources to help accomplish this. Karmyn Bokma
Lead Pastor – The Meeting House, Oakville, Ontario

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Our desire is to help you reach the next level!  How much is indecision holding you back? How much time have you spent searching for the right answer?  What areas of your life would benefit from a breakthrough? If you knew the clear path forward, how would that impact your current relationships?

A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

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