Executive Performance Review

Executive 360 Review

Celebrate success, identify blind spots and create a personal development plan for increased effectiveness

Objective, constructive feedback makes the difference between an informed, effective, growing leader and a leader who feels stuck and experiences limited impact.

With years of experience working with executive Christian leaders, we have developed a comprehensive and effective performance review. This process provides objective and confidential feedback along with constructive steps to take your executive leadership to the next level.

Who needs a performance review?

Who needs a confidential, objective performance review?

Executives who:

  • Serve in senior level positions, such as president, lead pastor, director, vice president, divisional leader, etc.
  • Seek to have an objective review of successes and shortcomings
  • Have not had a performance review over an extended period
  • Desire to grow and go further as a Jesus-centered leader

What you can expect to take away:

  • Affirmation, greater clarity and increased awareness
  • Practical ideas and insights to overcome shortcomings and maximize strengths
  • Prayerful support and confidence to move forward as a Jesus-centered executive leader

You will receive:

  • A 360-degree assessment identifying recent successes and revealing potential blind spots
  • A 90-minute video call one-on-one with an experienced executive reviewer and coach
  • A customized action plan to guide the next steps for your leadership development
  • Practical tools to implement

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