Executive Stream

The Executive Stream of the Arrow Leadership Program has been carefully crafted to meet the leadership development needs of Executive Christian Leaders in both ministry and marketplace positions. This stream specifically focuses on practical, personal, and organizational leadership training and seeks to maximize the effectiveness of executive leaders and their organizations.

Learning Outcomes Requirements Academic Credit Finances


A Journey In Community Over Time

The Executive Leader Stream is a 15-month journey in community over time with three five-day on-site residential learning experiences anchored by world-class faculty. Executives are paired with a leadership partner (mentor/coach) for monthly phone coaching calls, connect and contribute to a small group of peers from their class and go deeper in learning through practical readings and assignments.

“Holistic, challenging, focusing, and equipping.”
- Chris Reid, Major, Brisbane, Australia (Arrow 37)

“Transforming and enriching.”
- Pierre Bergeron, Leader, Ottawa, Canada (Arrow 37)

“This leadership journey is profoundly life changing.”
- Steve Ball, Major, Spokane, (Arrow 37)

“Motivating, inspiring, empowering, and restful!”
- Rueben Singh, Manitoba, Canada (Arrow 37)

 “I have some wonderful and powerful tools to use right away.”
- Andrew Hurrell, Executive Director, Ottawa, Canada (Arrow 37)