Return to Safe (Zoom) Harbor


RTSH has been created with Alumni in mind. Three days of training, community, worship and multiple opportunities to experience Jesus again. It will be personal, intentional and transformational. We believe that every Arrow leader needs three things right now:

  1. Rest to be led more by Jesus
  2. Refocus to lead more like Jesus
  3. Resurrected to lead more to Jesus

Will you join us for this three-day Summit in March? It could be the best investment you make in yourself in 2021!

Click here to watch a video to learn more

Event Pricing:  $99


Click here to watch a video to learn more

Host: Dr. Taylor Williams

Trainers: Dr. Sharon Simmonds, Dr. Steve Brown, R. York Moore

It has been one year since Covid-19 became the focus of our world. Our leadership has been challenged. Our capacity tested. Our futures questioned. Yet, through it all, we are still here. We are still fighting to do all we can to advance the beautiful name of Jesus and His Kingdom. We can not stop and we can not give in. We believe more than training, we need community. We believe more than community, we need to experience the presence of Jesus again. We believe that our Arrow network is positioned to come together as such a time as this.

What to expect:

  • You will be partnered with a cluster that is facilitated by Arrow Leadership Partners
  • There will be a dedicated Prayer and Healing room facilitated by trained Arrow Partners
  • There will be at least 3-4 hours of dedicated training during the Summit by proven Arrow Trainers/Staff
  • You will receive exclusive discounts from the Arrow Store for participating in Return to Safe Harbor
  • Worship will be led and guided by an Arrow Leader

Have questions? Please contact the engagement team at