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Imagine young people growing in Christ-like character as they are equipped to lead in their churches, in their schools and colleges and in their homes. Growing Leaders – Youth Edition helps imagination become reality.

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Designed for 14-18s, Growing Leaders – Youth Edition explores leadership in all contexts through the wisdom and encouragement in 1 and 2 Timothy. The eight session course grows teens in Christ-like character over nine months, equipping them to lead in their schools, churches and communities.


Young people aged 14-18 who have a relationship with God and show leadership potential. A good guide for identifying suitable participants is to ask the following questions:

  • Do they want to learn and grow?
  • Do they want to serve others?
  • Are they ready to be challenged?
  • Do they already hold a leadership position or are they thinking about one?
  • Are you thinking of inviting them into a leadership role?

The course is designed to work with any number of participants, but we suggest the ideal size is between eight and 24 young people.

Not sure if it’s right for your church? Read our common obstacles to doing the course.


The pack includes several folders of printed material, a CD-ROM and the Ready to Lead book – everything you need to run an eight session course. This covers:

  • Introduction and leaders’ notes.
  • Handouts, PowerPoints and leaders’ guides for all eight sessions, plus an exploratory session.
  • Mentoring resources including material on the role of a mentor, a guide to selecting mentors, an introduction for mentors, useful questions and more.
  • Project handouts (as part of the course, participants are asked to complete a spiritual check-up, interview a leader and write a thank you letter to a leader who has encouraged them).

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