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To a special event for Christian business owners and supporters!

Wednesday, November 13 – 2:00-5:30 pm

Network, share great food and ideas and learn how you can reimagine your business for greater personal growth and Kingdom impact.

BMO Institute for Learning
3550 Pharmacy Avenue, Toronto

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What is Arrow Entrepreneur?

Arrow Entrepreneur is a fast-paced, highly interactive, professionally facilitated encounter for Christian business owners just like you.

Arrow Entrepreneur is about about sharpening your personal, spiritual and business edge by following the ways of Jesus and key principles that will transform your life and business.

Arrow Entrepreneur’s meetings are a blend of TED-talk style content, coupled with dynamic group exercises designed to crack open space for you to explore new ways of doing business while growing personally and spiritually.

Arrow Entrepreneur is a safe space where you encounter business owners like you; Christian entrepreneurs who want to be more than just financially successful. We are a family of business leaders dedicated to changing the world… by allowing Christ to change us.


A sharpening experience like no other

A Sharpening Experience Like No Other

A Sharpening Community

Like all Arrow Leadership programs, Arrow Entrepreneur is a ‘safe – but not soft’ setting where you meet other Christian entrepreneurs, ready to join you on the exciting, terrifying, and ultimately fulfilling road to real success. You’ll experience an increased sense of purpose, meaning, clarity, and joy as you link arms with your cohort to discover how you can live out your calling to business.

Quarterly Meetings

Arrow Entrepreneurs meet four days a year; a quarterly rhythm specifically designed to fit a busy entrepreneur’s life.

Each day begins with continental breakfast, then a dive into the day’s practical learnings. We break for delicious networking lunches then plan our next 90 days…and commit to action! You’ll leave each day with a sharper edge: personally, spiritually, and as a business owner.

We meet at the BMO Institute for Learning in Toronto. This state-of-the-art executive learning facility is strategically located in the GTA for easy access.

​Industry Leading Assessments

Using The Leadership Grip and Birkman Assessments, we help you identify your unique skill set and God given spiritual gifts, and how they work together in life and business.

​Mentor and Coach Access

Engage our roster of Mentors and Coaches to leverage their wide range of faith-filled expertise in business, spiritual life, marriage, and family.


Delivered to your Inbox will be Arrow President Dr. Steve Brown’s “Monday Matters” videos and other practical tools to help you dig deep and stay focused.

​Ongoing Connections

We provide you with high-value, peer-led, monthly e-Mastermind meet-ups between quarterly meetings.

What Business Leaders are Saying

Taking a day away each quarter to think, reflect and plan your next quarter with a facilitator that asks great questions in a room of like-minded people is life-giving. It helps you focus on your reason for being and where you are heading. Arrow Entrepreneur can be the best investment you can make in yourself. It will bring purpose, clarity, joy, and sustainability to your family, marriage, business, stakeholders and your spiritual walk.
Chris Cahill
Certified Financial Planner, FSG Wealth Management
Chris Cahill
The core of Arrow is so simple and yet so profoundly life-changing. Arrow gave me the tools I needed to stand me in good stead in my daily globe-trotting schedule. Truly God led me to Arrow to prepare me for the next phase of my life’s calling.
Dr. Sandra Tai
Orthodontist, Author, International Speaker
Arrow provides the skills and tools to develop and take your leadership to a higher level. My great take away was the concept of "is this off vision or on vision?"
Daniel C. Loney
President, Loney Financial Corp & Loney Leadership, Inc
Dan Loney
Arrow helped me deal with some major life issues in our family and grounded me in my resolve to continue to conduct our business with a Godly worldview. Arrow also encouraged me to meet with other business owners and leaders to see that I was not alone in the marketplace.
Glen Wutzke
President, Alpha and Omega Endeavours Inc
Glen Wutzke
There are many world class business programs which provide knowledge about how to build a more successful business, but in my experience Arrow is the only organization that builds leaders who can lead with wisdom. Wisdom which equips them to not only improve their business but to meaningfully impact the lives and the world around them. My MBA gave me business knowledge... Arrow gave me wisdom that changed my life and my business.
Ron Carrothers
Ron Carrothers
The Arrow Program was a HUGE game changer for me. There is nothing like it. The training, mentorship and community of leaders took me to the edge. This is where I found out what I was made of and what God wanted to make of me. Leadership is WHO we are more than what we do.
Shirley Seto
Real Estate Entrepreneur
Shirley Seto
Finding Jesus in the Business World

Finding Jesus in the Business World

Running a business is fraught with complexity. You can feel like you’re getting lost in the daily grind, unable to see the forest for the trees. Your friends and family don’t know what it’s like to run a business, so you feel isolated and lonely, wondering how you can possibly find the time to work in your business and on it at the same time. Some days you wonder how faith and family can fit into all of this.

Our passion is helping you become more Jesus-centered in your business, your personal life and the impact you have.

We help create a safe place where you can connect to people who understand your world; a space where you can discover principled business tools that will help you develop personally and spiritually while you grow your business capacity for more significant Kingdom impact.

Let’s build a better world, one business at a time!

Commerce is Calling

Commerce as Calling

Is Arrow Entrepreneur right for me?

It’s never been cooler to be an entrepreneur. But cool doesn’t equal calling. However, if you are passionate about a need in this world, and your skills, talents, and experience are suited to creating a product or service that fills that need in a God-honoring way, then we believe you are called to commerce.

Step up, bring what you’ve got; not with arrogance, but with humility…and seize the moment!

Does this describe you?

  • You’re an established business owner, i.e. a franchisee, or you have an equity position in a legal, financial or medical enterprise, or are an independent commissioned salesperson.
  • You have responsibility for strategic direction and day-to-day decision making and oversight. You grapple with the risks and rewards of your business, up close and personal.
  • You want to take your business beyond conventional success to have a legacy and Kingdom impact.
  • You can see God working around the edges of your work, but you want deeper clarity around your calling to business, who you are, and how your work can change the world.
  • You appreciate the power of being with other entrepreneurs that are sharpening one another as they wrestle with the tougher questions and decisions about life, relationships, and growing their businesses.

“Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.”

(Frederick Buechner)

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How Do I Get Started?

We want to ensure that Arrow Entrepreneur is the right fit for you, and that you will thrive in this select community of Christian entrepreneurs committed to growth: personally, spiritually and professionally. That’s why we limit our cohort sizes to an intimate community of 20, carefully building the cohorts for synergy and alignment.

Step #1: Complete the Request for Interview form.

Step #2: We will set up a phone interview with Director of Arrow Entrepreneur Peggy Grall.

Arrow Entrepreneur has been designed as an ongoing learning experience, allowing you to renew your participation annually. The Annual investment is $8,000.

Next cohort begins 2020 in Toronto:

  • February 13, 2020
  • May 7, 2020
  • August 13, 2020
  • November 12, 2020

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Peggy Yanka

Meet Peggy Grall

Arrow Entrepreneur Director

Peggy is a seasoned entrepreneur who began her career as a Psychotherapist. With the emergence of business coaching, she pivoted to providing corporate Canada with Change Management expertise.

For a decade Peggy facilitated the monthly Business Roundtable of the International Women President’s Organization. This position placed her front and center to the critical issues facing successful entrepreneurs across Canada.

For the past seven years Peggy has trained and served as a Leadership Partner with the Arrow Leadership Program’s Executive Stream, Arrow’s Sharpening Leaders Initiative and Arrow’s work with leaders globally.

Who Is Arrow Entrepreneur for?

The Arrow Entrepreneur journey is a personal, intentional, transformational and Jesus-centered program designed to move entrepreneurs closer to fulfilling their God-given purpose. At Arrow we don’t separate faith from work, and we want to help entrepreneurs at all stages of their life journey. In short,  if you are a business owner who is ready to sharpen your personal, spiritual and business edge, then Arrow Entrepreneur is for you. Come discover for yourself the interconnection of faith and business.

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