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Run by Christian business owners, for Christian business owners, Arrow Entrepreneur assists you in centering your business on Christ, with relevant and practical skills and materials that transform how you do business.

Your business, His way. Recently revamped to meet the world’s current state, our program has been meticulously designed by Educators, Business Owners and Professionals to meet your needs, right now. Our program combines community and collaboration to help you bring Kingdom impact into your business.

What Business Owners are Saying

Arrow Entrepreneur is time well spent! Consider it an investment in yourself and those you care about.
Mark Reimer
Founder of Freiheit Care Inc.
Arrow Entrepreneur has taught me that my personal growth directly impacts the success of my business.
Kim Lawson
Founder of Lawson Home Improvements Inc.
I have found strength and a feeling of settledness through Arrow Entrepreneur, I have been enriched through watching my peers walk within the context of different marketplaces.
Jason Hildebrand
Founder of Jason Hildebrand Creative Arts Inc.
Arrow Entrepreneur has given me a deeper understanding of the Kingdom impact we can have as Christian business owners. It has created the opportunity to step back and see my role from a new perspective as I walk with leaders on a similar life path.
Helen Reimer
Co-Founder of Freiheit Care Inc.
Helen Reimer
Being a participant in Arrow Entrepreneur ensures that I am continually growing in knowledge, disciplines, and the vision for what God has planned for my business.
Aaron Gonyou
Founder of Unmuzzled Ox Inc.

 Arrow Entrepreneur Membership Includes

A Sharpening Community

Securing the right support network and resources to help guide your decision making is critical.

Industry Leading Assessments

Members participate in a Leadership Assessment, and an annual coaching session with a certified ICF certified coach to create and track their Personalized Development Plan. 

Leadership Intensives

The core of the Arrow Entrepreneur experience is highly interactive, full-day Leadership Intensives deliver focused, results-driven learning experiences where members engage in a facilitated exchange of ideas and perspectives.


  • Learning Labs: Workshopping concepts into practical tools

  • Real World Experience: Guest Christian business owners sharing real-world experiences

  • Business Roundtable: Speaking into each other’s opportunities and challenges

E-Master Minds

Online virtual collaborations with your Business Hub; a small group of 4-5 members and your Member Partner, extends your learning and keeps you connected and energized between Leadership Intensives.

Experienced Business Partners

All member activities are professionally facilitated, and you are prayerfully matched with one of Arrow Entrepreneur’s approved Member Partners; a seasoned marketplace leader who will challenge, mentor and support you on your transformational journey.  

Arrow Entrepreneur is a fast-paced, highly interactive, professionally facilitated encounter for Christian business owners just like you.

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You are uniquely created in the image of God and specifically called to fulfill His purposes for this generation. This lens illuminates your understanding of who God is and His desires for how you care for your soul, and live out your divine assignment in light of Him.

Your personality, skills, spiritual giftings, and experiences have shaped your perspective. This lens challenges you to bring congruence to the development of your character, while rising to the challenge of living out your faith as you manage your life, your family, and your business.

You have been divinely designed to enjoy healthy relationships with a variety of people in your life. This lens focuses on clarifying, deepening and broadening your relationships with your family, staff, customers, community, and the industry and culture in which you ply your trade.

As a Christian entrepreneur, you have been divinely placed in your precise context to bring God’s goodness and justice to the people who live and work in your sphere. This lens focuses on how you manage your dreams, business strategies, marketing efforts, growth, and legacy activities.

12 Essential Questions for Business Owners

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12 Essential Questions for Business Owners.

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take the next steps

Ready for the next step?

Connect with Rocky & Janice Dundas, Directors of Arrow Entrepreneur to learn more by scheduling a phone/zoom call.

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