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3 Leadership Principles We Can Learn from Shepherds

Leading More Like Jesus In this 25th anniversary article, Sharon Simmonds (Arrow Class 16) briefly explores the imagery of shepherding in the Bible, and draws three leadership principles that will guide and enable us to lead more like Jesus. As … Continued

Goodbye Balance…

I’m saying goodbye to balance. There, I’ve finally said it.  I should have said it long ago. For years I have imagined what it would be like to live and lead in “balance”.  I’ve dreamed about feelings of tranquility, accomplishment … Continued

Developing Rhythms for Rest and Renewal

Ask: Is rest and renewal a regular rhythm in your life? Why: God has punctuated time by establishing day and night, specific seasons, special celebrations and Sabbath. Developing similar rhythms for our lives and specifically for rest is biblical and … Continued