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The Power of a Single Question

“What’s your greatest temptation?” This question came to mind while praying for someone I was mentoring. Whether this question or another, great questions provide possibilities for awareness, growth and transformation. Specifically around the temptation question, I was convicted that this … Continued

Integrate: Jesus-Centered Leadership™

  Integrate: Jesus-Centered Leadership is a new leader development resource that will be available from Arrow Leadership this September. I’m so excited to introduce you to the concept and to share how the development of Integrate has deepened my awareness … Continued

Breaking Down Generational Barriers

Leading More Like Jesus Michelle Arthur, Arrow Class 29, has written this special 25th Anniversary article with a focus on breaking down generational barriers. This, she says, will promote value for every believer, no matter their age, as a significant … Continued

Playing With Fire

Among God’s glorious obsessions, his concern for the generations to come ranks near the top. He cares about our sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters, all down through the ages. His promises are for us and for them. … Continued

Is That Your Shadow?

  I have a favorite mentoring practice. I ask the mentee to choose a biblical leader they feel especially drawn to, and then to plunge deep: to walk with that leader, to know their inmost heart, to scour their story … Continued

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Grow Your Mentoring Relationship

Ask: What could we do to take our time together to the next level? Why: This simple check-in question provides an intentional opportunity for the mentee and mentor to reflect and evaluate the mentoring relationship and meetings. It gives both … Continued