Ten Percent More Friendly


Happy FaceLeading More To Jesus

You might not meet a friendlier guy than the Rev. Dr. David Overholt. In this special 25th anniversary article, Dave’s personality and gifting converge to emphasize our role in God’s mission to draw people to Himself. As you think of others who could benefit from the enthusiasm and simplicity of this article, please share it!

There are few times on this planet when we are allowed to pull back the curtain and see the supernatural work of God. None is more accessible that when God uses us to see more come to Jesus. No matter what your theological stripe, we all agree that God is drawing people to Himself. To be asked to participate in this love story is a deeply spiritual activity adding effervescence to our own faith. We may not see people come to faith all around us. However, we can easily have a part to play in people’s journeys. God uses something as simple as “asking for opportunities” and being “10% more friendly.”

Coffee + Friendly

This week, Brian, a bank executive in my church, wanted to join God’s adventure, so he prayed for an opportunity to share his faith. As a step of obedience in being “10% more friendly,” he initiated a coffee with an old mentor. Without any prompting, his old mentor asked him about our church. Brian spilled his heart about our community and the joy of transformation. Again, without any prompting, his mentor wondered how these life changes occurred. Brian shared the gospel with him and prayed for him. To say that Brian is more excited about this encounter than any project he has ever managed is a huge understatement.

Also this week, Sue, a nurse who describes herself as a fierce introvert, asked God for an open door that she could quietly step through. As she was exercising on a set of stairs, she saw a couple of young men riding bikes that had crashed. She recognized this as her “10% more friendly” moment, so she went over and asked if she could help. They were amazed because so many had passed by without helping. She gave a bit of first aid, and then helped carry one of the bikes up the stairs. At the top, Sue told me her legs were like jelly, but her spirit had steeled. She was able to pray out loud for them.

God is in the business of drawing the world to Himself, and He is using normal people like you and me to see this happen. God may have reconciled the world to Himself through Jesus’ work on the cross, but He has given to all of us the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-19). Isaiah responded to God’s question, “Who will go?” with “Send me.” We do the same when we ask God to open doors of opportunity to share our faith (Col. 4:3) Bringing more to Jesus is not a matter of being a pushy sales person, but rather a partner with the Holy Spirit who has already gone ahead.

God keeps sending His people out, as seen in the great commission and the aftermath of the stoning of Stephen. God stirs the pot in order for us to come in contact with normal people on the way to God. All we have to be is “10% more friendly.” If there is an open door, we walk through it with grace and assurance that God opened that door. May God use you to lead more to Jesus by simply asking for open doors and by being “10% more friendly.”


  1. Why do you think God opens doors primarily for those who ask?
  2. What keeps you from becoming “10% more friendly” to those around you?
  3. Do you have a regular place where you have an opportunity to meet people on the way to God?


Rev. Dr. David Overholt, who completed the Arrow Leadership Program with Class 28, is the founding pastor of Church on the Rock, a next-generation targeted church in Hamilton, Ontario. Dave is also a professor at Tyndale Seminary, teaching in the Youth and Family department and, as an author, Dave speaks on the road to thousands of young adults and leaders each year.