Rebuilding Hope


How do you get perspective and rebuild hope?

There is one spot that I love to go to be alone to do just that. It is sitting in the cockpit of our sailboat. I love the early morning as the sun rises, sipping coffee, and praying – but the type of prayer where I listen more than talk.

It seems particularly at this season of the year that many leaders find themselves behind on deadlines, overcommitted with projects, feeling overworked and exhausted. Many are in relational conflict and struggling to keep focused on the mission. In the whirling of demands, it is so easy to lose hope.

Leaders need hope – like we need the air to breathe.

Saturday morning, I wakened early and poked my head out of the warmth of the cabin to watch the lightness of the sun illuminate the cloudy sky. It was very quiet and the water in the marina was still. Nothing was happening.

Photo Credit: ccharmon via Flickr

The glassy sea reflected the masts of the many sailboats around me catching my attention. “There is no wind at all” I thought. My eyes then moved from the reflection of the masts, to the sailboats and then to the top of the masts where I noticed something that inspired me.

At the top of a mast is a wind vane we sailors use to accurately discern the wind on the water. Every wind vane, on every ship was pointed clearly in one direction. There was certainly wind blowing up there, verified by every single sailboat pointing in the exact same direction. Contrary to the circumstances on the water – the wind was on the move. God is on the move and he wants to give you and I hope.

God’s hope is unlike any hope offered by other sources. Leaders often get drawn into trusting in circumstances. “It will get better” is our cry. Well folks, if we lean on that kind of hope we will end up being bitterly disappointed. How much better to look up. See that the wind (the Spirit) is still blowing consistently – and in a direction.

How much better to place our hope in the Lord. If we as leaders rest in God’s character, it will provide the strength and courage we require as we face our most painful leadership challenges and trials. For example, when you are tempted to quit, putting hope in the faithfulness of God gives fresh energy to go on.

If you are suffering with a lingering illness or when you fear the worst in a situation – placing hope in the sovereignty of God helps every leader to persevere. When I looked up at the top of those masts – I was reminded that God was still in control.

Do you need an infusion of hope today? Let me encourage you from God’s word to set your hope fully on the grace of God.

To the Point,
Carson Pue

Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 1:13)