Integrate: Jesus-Centered Leadership™


Integrate: Jesus-Centered Leadership is a new leader development resource that will be available from Arrow Leadership this September. I’m so excited to introduce you to the concept and to share how the development of Integrate has deepened my awareness and appreciation for what it means to be a Jesus-centered leader.

Integrate is all about cultivating more Jesus-centered leaders. Covering three themes, each including an 8-minute video and guided conversation, this resource provides an engaging platform for leadership teams, boards, small groups, Bible studies and peer mentoring groups to have transformational discussions around the Leader of leaders – Jesus. 

Content for the three themes – to be led by Jesus, leading more like Jesus and leading more to Jesus – is provided by three experienced leaders: Dr. Steve A. Brown, Dr. Carson Pue and Dr. Leighton Ford. It was incredibly special to bring these three men together and to capture them in conversation on film. Not only do they have a shared heartbeat to develop Jesus-centered leaders, these men share a common purpose as they each have served as leader of the Arrow Leadership ministry over the past 25 years.

As resource project manager involved in the day of filming, I observed these three men as an expression of what it means to be Jesus-centered leaders. Their love for Jesus was evident and they shared memories and stories with sincere enjoyment and affection for one another. Most inspiring was to listen to their big perspective on God’s Kingdom – their vast experience with relationships and ministries all over the world. And, yet, these three men modeled both humility and humanity. I was struck with the fact that they are human beings who experience all the day-to-day realities of life AND they have been called and appointed by God to lead in the midst of that. You will be blessed by their collective wisdom and learning.

The Integrate Resource Guide is laid out with options for a group to meet around a topic for 30, 45 or 60 minutes and to discuss development at the personal, team (group) or organizational level. For example, this resource provides great content for a board or ministry team to have a development focus at the beginning of a meeting or it would be an excellent focus for a leadership retreat. It can also be used as a discipleship tool to equip, train and mentor emerging leaders.

Integrate, by definition, is to form two or more things into a new creation – bringing pieces together into function and wholeness. It’s a picture of the Christian life: our lives integrated in a personal relationship with Jesus, growing in relationship with others, and cooperating with the Holy Spirit for God’s purposes and his glory. This is what Arrow Leadership has designed in a resource format for you to learn and develop with others in your church, community or organization. Begin thinking and praying about who God might want you to bring together for this purpose and get ready for Integrate: Jesus-Centered Leadership. 

Dr. Sharon Simmonds

Resource Project Manager