How to Navigate Liminal Spaces

Have you ever found yourself in a liminal space?

A change, a loss, or a transition can leave you in-between what was and the not yet. In our recent “Liminal Leadership” episode on The Polished Arrow Podcast, Dr. Michelle Louis explores what it means to lead faithfully when we are constantly navigating ambiguity, disorientation and unpredictability in the midst of change.

Leveraging her training and experience as a therapist, professor and executive coach, Dr. Louis provides a perspective toward liminal space that is both rooted in Scripture and incredibly practical.

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn how the creation story gives us a narrative and hope for navigating chaos and change in our lives and leadership
  • Better understand God’s agenda during the “in-between” spaces and seasons of your life
  • Be reminded that God is with you in the midst of change and the Spirit can sustain you
  • Discover that there are many gifts that can be received in liminal spaces
  • Explore four practical postures to help you overcome your fears and help you grow in the midst of transition
  • Receive six profound questions to guide you in the midst of liminal space

If you are in the midst of personal, team or organizational change, I can’t recommend this episode highly enough.
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Cheering you on,

Steven Brown

Dr. Steve A. Brown

President, Arrow Leadership


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