Harnessing the Power of Perspective

Perspective is critically important for leaders. It’s easy to lose sight of the forest when you are in the midst of the trees. A different perspective can change everything.

I love drone-camera video of familiar sights. The view from above gives a whole new perspective to my familiar view from the ground.

With perspective, you find clarity and priorities. Without it, you can miss what’s really important.

Perspective helps you see new possibilities. Without it, you can get stuck running in circles.

With perspective you can discover blind spots and change course. Without it, you often repeat the same mistakes.

Perspective can renew your energy and courage. Without it, you can spiral into discouragement. Share on X

In the intensity of the last few months, it is easy for Christian leaders to lose perspective.

Our regular dashboard gauges don’t seem to be calibrated for a chaotic environment. Competing external voices can add confusion. Our own internal voice can become a echo chamber that simply reinforces the status quo.

Jesus gave perspective, and he also sought it. He regularly pulled away from the intensity of daily ministry. He sought the Father’s voice. He refocused on his calling. He discerned next steps. When was the last time you pulled away? Booking an afternoon or an entire day to listen to God and reflect on life and leadership is a great investment.

Mentors and coaches have also helped me find perspective. We can’t see what we can’t see. But we can invite a mentor or coach to help us see things from a different perspective.

A few years ago, I was stressed out and overwhelmed. I knew I needed some perspective, so I called a mentor. I asked Evon, then in his early nineties, if he remembered the feelings of stress and anxiety from his forties.

Despite his clear mind and strong memory, Evon responded that he actually didn’t remember.

This answer surprised me, but it was exactly what I needed to hear.

I began to recognize that maybe the things I was so concerned about now might not even be part of my memory in my nineties. Share on X

I began to recognize that maybe the things I was so concerned about now might not even be part of my memory in my nineties. So, I asked myself, “If this is something that you’re likely not even going to remember down the road, then why are you so consumed about it now?”

Evon’s wise perspective was exactly what I needed.

My follow-up question provided another window into the gift of perspective. I asked, “Evon, what would you do differently if you could do your forties over again?”

He quickly shot back, “I would love people more.”

In that moment, my perspective changed. My focus moved from myself to where it needed to be—loving others.

My focus moved from myself to where it needed to be—loving others. Share on X

Do you already have a mentor or coach like Evon in your life? If you do, book some time together. Invite their perspective. Share what’s really going on. Listen well.

If people are coming to you for perspective and you are (or want to be) mentoring others, I encourage you to order our Mentoring Essentials Bundle. These books are a Jesus-centered and practical approach to mentoring that leverages Arrow Leadership’s nearly thirty years of experience in mentoring.

On a related note, helping leaders find perspective is central to what we do in the Arrow Leadership Program™. Each participant is paired with a one-to-one mentor/coach. This carefully selected and trained mentor/coach attentively listens to your story and heart. They provide perspective and godly wisdom. They pray and encourage. You can grow your perspective with our new Special Virtual Edition of the Executive Stream of the Arrow Leadership Program™.

You can also book one-on-one sixty-minute personal coaching ZOOM sessions with me. It would be a joy to walk alongside you and cheer you on in finding fresh perspective! Learn more here.

Cheering you on in your next step to find fresh perspective!

Dr. Steve A. Brown
President, Arrow Leadership


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