Finding Refreshing Simplicity at the Well

Christian leadership isn’t an end in itself. Instead, it’s a means to the end of pointing more and leading more to Jesus.

In the midst of tackling complex issues, navigating conflicts and persevering through COVID fatigue, it’s easy for leaders to become consumed with immediate challenges and to lose focus on Jesus’ mission to seek and save the lost.

Christian leadership isn’t an end in itself. Instead, it’s a means to the end of pointing more and leading more to Jesus. Click To Tweet

Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well in John 4 points us back to His mission. There’s a refreshing simplicity in Jesus’ approach.

Amongst other things, Jesus reminds us to:

Be Natural and Intentional – A tired and thirsty Jesus by a well isn’t a contrived or forced connection. Yet in His need, Jesus is intentional in asking for help and in the conversation that follows. An ordinary connection becomes extraordinary.

Lord, in the comings and goings of ordinary moments each day, may I always be ready to share the hope that I have in You.

Be Kind – Jesus was not only civil but kind at the well. With a pandemic of incivility underway in our day, kindness is an important, and almost novel, starting place.

Lord, may Your Spirit produce the fruit of kindness in and through me.

Listen – If anyone has the right to lead a one-way conversation, it is Jesus. Yet, He listens to the woman at the well.

Lord, let me be quick to listen and slow to speak.

See – Jesus not only sees someone who is often overlooked and maybe even ostracized, He sees past her external facade and into her deeper needs.

Lord, help me to see people as You do.

Break Barriers and Build Bridges – A Jewish rabbi is supposed to steer well clear of Samaritan women, yet here is Jesus with a woman who is not only a Samaritan, but she is also carrying relational baggage.

Lord, give me courage to break down barriers and build bridges.

Point to Hope – Jesus doesn’t get sidetracked. He keeps the main thing the main thing.

Lord, may my words, deeds and life point others to You, the living water.

Jesus focused on seeking and saving the lost through His simple and intentional approach with people like the Samaritan woman at the well.

Cheering you on to Lead Different,

Dr. Steve A. Brown
President, Arrow Leadership

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