Being A Non-Anxious Presence

How do you lead anxious people in an anxious culture?

Edwin Friedman, in the modern classic, A Failure of Nerve, popularized the importance of being a non-anxious presence. As anxiety in our world continues to grow, we can either amplify or transform anxiety through our presence.

In this month’s episode of The Polished Arrow Podcast, our special guest, Mitchel Lee, encourages leaders to be a non-anxious presence by reframing our leadership role.

Mitchel serves as lead pastor of Grace Community Church in Fulton, Maryland. He is author of Even If: Trusting God When Life Disappoints, Overwhelms, Or Just Doesn’t Make Sense, and he is a graduate of the Arrow Leadership Program™.

This month’s podcast episode will help you:

  • Reflect on how your family of origin has shaped your perspective around fathering/mothering.
  • Consider how embracing the role of spiritual parent can change how you engage anxious people.
  • Stay anchored in your core being and rooted in God’s love.
  • Respond effectively if your first chair leader isn’t modelling the way.

Listen and subscribe to this month’s episode here.

Cheering you on,

Steven Brown

Dr. Steve A. Brown
President, Arrow Leadership


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