Be Invitational!

“I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some.” 1 Cor. 9:22b.

Holding my dinner tray of freshly cooked fast food, I finally found a seat at the GIANT window at SeaTac airport. I had a four-top table to myself, but figured maybe – unlikely – someone would come by to sit. The open concourse was jam packed with passengers in between flights. Seats at the giant window were at a premium.

I knew as soon as I saw him: be invitational. “Have a seat.” I moved my tray. He reluctantly, but gladly sat down. In my mind and heart was an SOS, “okay, Lord, it’s your conversation.” Raveit had just finished a job interview and was on his way home; I, too, was on my way home from work that Friday evening. He was likely to be offered the job, which would mean another move for his young family. He wondered about his family, his skills, and his decision. He initially appeared so much the opposite: confident, warm, assured. But somehow, with me the stranger, he was not.

I inquired if he had thought about praying for his situation. That led to his basic story of growing up in a southeast Asian family, being Hindu yet not firmly so, and some of his basic thoughts about God and life. We also talked about his family and his concern for his young wife and child; and, his unique job and skills. I shared some about depending on God, giving prayer to Jesus a chance, and just gently poking at his very warm and open soul. I wrote in my journal, “…for Raveit, I pray for the help and power of Jesus the CHRIST as he decides about this job, and I pray for a soft heart toward the person and power and resurrection of Jesus Christ, for his salvation in You, You alone, for Raveit and his family, Lord.”

There are times when we are with a friend, a family member or a stranger that we simply need to offer ourselves to “be like” the person with whom we sit. A listener when that is required, a joker when that is best, a talker even if it seems odd, or allowing ourselves to shed a bonified tear with a person who is hurting. We shall not ever fake it. We, as followers of Jesus Christ, shall be in the hands of Jesus….body, mind, and soul….and “become like” the other so that we may be an instrument that imparts Christ’s salvation.

How about sitting together at a table?

Reflection Questions:

  1. Who is in your circle of friends or family that comes to mind?
  2. What is ONE way you can become like him/her to converse easier, play together more or connect in some way soon?
  3. What hesitations do you have and why? Are you willing to give those hesitations, in prayer, to God?
  4. Pray for yourself and for the person(s) that come to mind.

Gretchen Englund leads the Arrow Leadership residential team as well as serving as a leadership partner. A graduate of Bethel Seminary’s M. Div program and an Arrow leader of the 7th Class, Gretchen’s desire is to serve leaders as they engage the Arrow journey, coming alongside them as they encounter God’s loving and powerful shaping. Gretchen also brings God’s message of transformation in Christ through conferences and retreats. Randy, her husband, works in the hospitality and design field, and they reside just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota with their niece.