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See The Cross Amid The Chaos

The chaos increased by the hour. Uncertainty and fear took hold. Panicked people began to fend for themselves. Those sentences could easily be headlines describing events in our world today. They also vividly describe another time—the most significant event in … Continued

7 Key Practices for Second Chair Leaders

Second chair leadership isn’t second class. It is a real and beautiful calling which can be a great place to learn for a season without all the pressure of leading as the first chair. It can also be a strategic … Continued

10 Often Overlooked Practices for Board Members

It’s easy to focus on the leader with the title, the public profile or the microphone in their hand. While the organizational leader’s role is critical, we shouldn’t forget about the importance of boards. Boards matter. They really do. Elder … Continued

7 Key Questions to Guide Your Next Decision

I don’t have to tell you that decisions are getting more and more complex. Even picking out a box of cereal has gotten complicated. While it may seem fairly straightforward to pick up some Chex breakfast cereal at the grocery … Continued

4 Practices to Reduce Your Blind Spots

(Part 3 of 3 Obstacles That Hold Leaders Back – and How to Overcome. Read Parts 1 and 2 by clicking here) Blind spots can be deadly when you are driving. A car can be almost right beside you, but you … Continued

14 Ways to Overcome Feeling Weary

( Part 2 of 3 Obstacles That Hold Leaders Back – and How to Overcome. Read Part 1 by clicking here) Winter is often a tough time for many pastors and Christian leaders. Beyond the very real everyday challenges, the … Continued

3 Reminders When Things Are Hard

A few years ago, I tracked down a pastor who had participated in the very first class of the Arrow Leadership Program™ back in the mid 90s. I wanted to hear more about his Arrow journey. This pastor shared that … Continued

The Best News

I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas music. I get uptight when I hear Christmas music in October. And I cringe when some songs are played over and over and over. However, I love many of the old carols. “O … Continued

2021 Reflection Tool

It’s hard to describe 2021. Though we hoped for and maybe even expected easier paths for 2021, it has been a year of more chaos, change, complexity and challenge for many leaders. Whether you are running on fumes or have … Continued