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The Polished Arrow – An Arrow Leadership Podcast

We are excited to share Arrow’s newest resource  “The Polished Arrow” podcast, hosted by Arrow Leadership’s Director of Leader Engagement, Dr. Taylor Williams. In the first episode, “5 Keys to Leading Well”, I share about: Why leadership still matters and … Continued

Lead Different, Lead Like Jesus: A Three-Step Guide

Angel Marquez was a passionate, gifted leader, yet she lacked confidence and direction. In fact, she felt like she was “faking” her work because she felt ill-equipped and uncertain in her church leadership position. She was even beginning to question … Continued

Year-End Reflection Guide

Are you running on fumes, or do you have fresh wind in your sails as you approach these final days of 2022? Whatever your situation, it is important to make space to reflect with God on the year that is … Continued

3 Takeaways on Technology in Ministry

So is it a good thing when a TikTok video focused on Jesus gets over 1,000,000 views? On a social platform saturated with endless cat videos, mind-numbing content and sexual references, a million people focused on Jesus—even for a minute—is … Continued

3 Questions That Could Change Everything

I wasn’t expecting this kind of request. During my meeting with an executive pastor at a large growing church, the pastor asked if I would help. He went on to share that he believes God has called their church to … Continued

5 Practices to Grow as a Communicator

What’s your next step in becoming a better communicator? Jesus was a master communicator. He was in a league of his own. He taught with authority. He leveraged the power of story. He could hold large crowds captive with his … Continued

A Three-Step Plan for a Summer Reset – Part 3

Beyond deep rest and prayer, the third key to reset this summer is to reimagine. (If you haven’t read the previous posts, see step one Rest here, and step two Prayer here) In light of the current distress and all the chaos, … Continued

A Three-Step Plan for a Summer Reset – Part 2

This summer isn’t just an important time to reset; it’s an essential time to reset. On many levels, it seems like our world is coming unglued. The level of chaos, complexity and disruptive change are beyond anything I have experienced … Continued

A Three-Step Plan for a Summer Reset – Part 1

It’s easy to get worn down as a leader in a regular year. Since the last couple of years have been far from regular, many leaders are weary, depleted and even exhausted. As a result, a break this summer is … Continued

Practical Tools for the Epidemic of Anxiety

There is an epidemic of anxiety in our day, and leaders are not immune. In fact, the unique pressures and complexity facing leaders stir anxiety within leaders. And these same leaders must help other people navigate their anxiety. So how … Continued