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Two Powerful Prayers for Reflecting on Injustice

The juxtaposition of two separate events—in the same week—is just mind-boggling. The first event took place on Monday, May 25, 2020. That Memorial Day evening George Floyd had his neck pinned to the ground by a police officer’s knee for … Continued

Six Questions You Should Be Asking as COVID-19 Shifts

The last few months have been a hard grind for everyone. For some, the last few months have been brutal. Hard decisions, long hours, personal risk, job loss, financial ruin, loneliness, sickness and even death have been uncommonly common. In … Continued

Five Simple Practices for Better High-Stakes Meetings

Like it or not, meetings are prime time for leaders. Meetings matter. Meetings are where next steps are discerned and big decisions happen. The move to virtual meetings and dispersed teams has added new challenges at a time when the … Continued

Seven Practices to Keep Your Head Clear

Keeping your head clear is incredibly important. You need to think well to lead well, especially in times of crisis and challenge. Yet it’s really easy to find yourself frazzled and fatigued—and to find your headspace foggy—rather than focused. Despite … Continued

Five Questions to Discover Opportunities in the Midst of Crisis

Times of crisis and uncertainty usually bring constraints. In the case of COVID-19, there are a many unprecedented constraints. Public gatherings and movement have been restricted. Staff and volunteers may be limited. The ability to physically meet with people is … Continued

Five Choices to Lead Different

Leadership is hard at the best of times. Add in a crisis and hard can go to a whole new level. Thankfully, there’s Someone who understands. Leading was even hard for Jesus. He faced incredible resistance. There were endless and … Continued

A Special Easter Message

Adapted from a letter to our Arrow community.  The chaos increased by the hour. Uncertainty and fear took hold. Panicked people began to fend for themselves. Those sentences could easily be headlines describing these days of COVID-19. They could also … Continued

Five Keys to Wisdom in Uncertain Times

Wisdom. Do you need some as you live and lead this week? Wisdom is a critical need in uncertain times. It’s a prerequisite and distinctive of leading differently. Wisdom is also something we can seek and find. The following is five … Continued

Where Does Your Help Come From?

These days can be very overwhelming. No one expected to be leading in times like these or facing the challenges before us. Yet, here we are. During an early morning run last week, my mind was full, and my heart … Continued

Leading in Chaotic Times

This is a special SharpeningLeaders post in response to COVID-19 Regular, everyday leadership challenges can be really stretching. When we add in the chaos, confusion and complexity of something like COVID-19, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. So how should Jesus-centered … Continued