Author: Dr. Taylor Williams

How’s Your Posture?

Confession: I have struggled with bad posture my entire life, and I believe it is getting worse as I age. My chiropractor reminds me often that not paying attention to my posture will affect many areas of my life. It … Continued

Leader, Drop Your Net

Remember when you “left your net?” At once they left their nets and followed him” (Matt. 4:20, NIV). A curious thing has been happening with me lately. I have begun to pick up my net again.  Let me explain. I … Continued

25 Years of Leadership Lessons

25 Years of Leadership Lessons, A Reflection A few weeks ago I had the honor and privilege to moderate a discussion titled, 25 Years of Leadership Lessons. I was joined by Dr. Leighton Ford, Dr. Carson Pue, and Dr. Steve … Continued

The Porch

This month’s To The Point is written by Dr. Taylor Williams, Director of Leader Engagement for Arrow Leadership My front porch. It’s nothing particularly special. It will never win any decor awards. If truth be told it has enough foundational … Continued

“Are You Hurt or Injured?”

Note: Dr. Taylor Williams serves as Director of Leader Engagement for Arrow Leadership and is author of this month’s To The Point. It was mile fourteen of the 2013 Akron Marathon when I felt something in my shoulder blade pop. … Continued